Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps – Best Cell Phone Tracker Reviews

Review: Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps – Best Cell Phone Tracker Reviews

Mobile phones have become the need of everyone. There is no doubt that why these small gadgets are so crucial in our life. From staying in touch with your friends and others to allow you to capture the beautiful moments of your life and making your life easy, these devices have made our life easy and full of entertainment. That’s why whenever we lose our cell phones, or it gets damaged by accident then the things become difficult for us. As all our critical data and contacts are saved in the phone, and we don’t want them to go in wrong hand, that’s why we need a phone tracker. It can secure our phone and let us know its location in case it gets lost.

Review: Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps - Best Cell Phone Tracker Reviews
Review: Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps – Best Cell Phone Tracker Reviews

Phone trackers are very useful for every mobile user. It is capable of tracking an accurate location of the device. But information about you and your loved phone’s position can only help you when they left their phone somewhere mistakenly. You can go to next level of keeping your beloved ones safe and secure by using a more advanced app. We are talking about spy apps. A spy app is perfectly programmed software that is designed to check the person’s activity on his mobile phone. In this way, you cannot only know the position of the device but also get the information of their operation performed over the phone.

A spy app is capable of performing many different activities along with tracking the phone. And the good news is that the market if flooded with such applications. Some of these apps are available for free while others are paid application. Well, the choice is yours, but the paid apps give you guarantee and are liable for their services. Therefore, to get the best cell phone tracking facility purchases an excellent and most reliable spy app.

To help you out, we have made a list of top 10 softwares that is best and got the high ratings. All the top 10 phone tracker apps function well and operate smoothly on all platforms such as android, ios, Symbian, etc. take a look at these apps and make the cell phone tracking secure and safe.

The top 10 phone tracker apps with best reviews

#1 TheTruthSpy


Being at the top of the list, truth spy is the most reliable and safe spy app. The application is not only capable of tracking another device but also monitors the messages, images, videos, live calls, social media chats and other. The cell phone tracker got the excellent reviews from the users. With its advanced features and useful functionality, the app is ranked one among all the other application. It tracks all the data of the device efficiently and gives the information in the very efficient way. The application has a control panel which is officially where the necessary information or data is provided in a well-organized manner.

#2 mSpy


mSpy has grown in its popularity at excellent pace. Like other software, the app comes with the millions of features and one such feature is phone tracking that includes it in the list of top 10 phone tracker apps. The app works remarkably well, and it allows the users to stay updated about the device whereabouts every time.

#3 Flexispy


Flexispy remains the popular and effective monitoring software in the market since long. It has a list of useful features that are easy to use and are reliable. It tracks android using GPS feature. It is also capable of monitoring data such as calls, messages and calendar events. The app is affordable as it offers various pricing plans. It offers the free primary account. The app lacks in providing any data related to Facebook activities, and hence you will miss the vital information of the Facebook account from the device users.

You can also get more detailed information in the table below – check all the application’s major features and options and compare their potential. Make an informed and considerate decision by picking the one that suits your needs best.


  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Bad
thetruthspy reviewTheTruthSpymSpy app review
flexispy reviewFlexiSpyguestspy reviewGuestSpyMobistealth reviewMobistealthSpy bubble reviewSpy bubbleSpyera reviewSpyeraSpyzie reviewSpyziePhonesheriff reviewPhonesheriffHighster Mobile reviewHighster Mobile
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Multi OS Support What OS variations application supports

Yes Android, iPhoneYes iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows MobileYes Android, BlackBerry, Android, Windows MobileYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhone, BlackBerryYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile
FREE (For GPS Tracker) Learn the whereabouts, get notifications when location changes

Live Audio Streaming You can spy on calls and get information about call logs

Hidden Call Recording You can spy on calls and get information about call logs

Call Tracker You can track on calls and get information about call logs

SMS Tracker You can get the information about texts sent or received as well as multimedia files

Instant Messages Read all conversations in all messenger chats supported by application

Yes BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageYes BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageYes Skype, Gtalk, BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, YahooYes Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, FacebookYes WhatApp, Facebook, iMessage, SMS, Viber, Skype, SnapChat, Yahoo, Google hangoutYes Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik MessengerYes BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageYes Skype, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Chat Logging, Viber, Line, KIK, etc.Yes iMessage, Pin Messages, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Line, FacebookYes Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook
Control Apps Remotely control the choice of applications installed or deleted from the phone

Remote Control Control the device remotely, install and uninstall applications, switch off the phone remotely, block access to certain websites and features

Support Access to technical support, options available

Yes Contact form, Ticket system, E-mailYes Phone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatYes Phone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatYes Phone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatYes Contact form, Ticket systemYes Phone, Email ,Contact formYes E-mail, phoneYes Phone, Ticket systemYes E-mail, Ticket systemYes Contact form, Helpdesk:Ticket system

#4 GuestSpy

Another excellent app for your tracking needs is GuestSpy. Easily track the device and locate it on a map and know the real-time position. It gives reliable customer support, and customer reviews about this app are also good. The app which got best phone tracker review must be the base of your choice. However, the app is costly; thus, it is not the choice of many users. Another factor that stops the users to try it is that it lacks the free trial version.

#5 Mobistealth

The Nobistealth track the device in different ways. It is one among the best phone tracker apps. One way to track the device is using GPS which is the conventional method, but this app also tracks using different techniques like using radio tower signals and WI-FI. Many other tracking apps lack this feature, and hence it got the 5th ranking. Investing in this app is worthy. However, it requires few advanced features.

#6 Spy bubble

The app has not many groundbreaking features, but it has the primary tracking feature and other monitoring features like emails spy, call spy and IM services. The users can disable the device’s features via text commands. The review of spy bubble is quite good and sufficient. The app also lacks advanced features and is expensive.

#7 Spyera

Spyera has an anti-theft feature that includes cell phone tracking. Even after leaving the possession the app keeps your phone on the radar. Thus it helps in retrieving the phone efficiently. The unique feature of this app is that easily track BBM messages, a feature which other apps does not have. The only place where it lacks is the trial version. Every user before purchasing an app must take a trial of the application and eliminate this feature; spyera has got the ranking in the bottom line of the top 10 phone tracker apps. Also, the app is going to cost you a bit more as it is expensive, unlike other apps.

#8 Spyzie

Another program that tracks the data of smartphone and allows you to access the same from the online account created at the time of purchasing. It can follow the WhatsApp, facebook messages, URL visited and other apps like skype, viber, etc. The app has got fewer customer reviews, and that is why the app is at the lowest rank. The app is quite not well in working.

39 Phonesheriff

It is another good and reliable app that put it on the list. With great features and easy monitoring facility, the app has placed itself in the list of phone tracker apps. It provides the ability to monitor call logs, ongoing phone calls, emails and SMSs as well. So, if not just tracking the location is your motto, and then this app is quite useful like other spy apps that are mentioned in the list. Major companies use this app to track the position of their employees using this app. Phonesheriff lacks the stealth unlike other apps, and hence it dropped to the 9th place in the list.

#10 Highster Mobile

It efficiently tracks the call logs, SMS and IM messaging services like skype and WhatsApp. Highster mobile is reliable and is very easy to operate. The app is entirely undetectable, unlike phonesheriff. But instead of being at the position of 9th, the app is the last place because it lacks the most important feature, parental control. The phone tracker is usually used by the parents to keep their kids safe from online threats and to use an app without this feature is the most prominent disadvantage for the users.

These are the top 10 phone tracker application. We have given a little information about these applications to familiarize you about the recent popular apps in the market. All the provided information is not sufficient for the interested users, therefore see yourself what these apps have to offer you. However, the app with the best phone tracker review is recommended. Reviews are given by the existing users who have already tried the app. So, must see the reviews before making any decision regarding the spy apps.

Almost, all application comes with different features that let you do interesting things. Every application has some basic features that allow the user to track the device efficiently and quickly. We are listing the few basic features of the phone tracker apps.

Basic features of phone tracker

Basic features of phone tracker
Basic features of phone tracker

Track location– every phone tracker has a GPS facility that can inform the user about the position of the device. This feature offers the advantage to the businesses which involve the delivery of products. The monitoring of the delivery vehicle is a must for ensuring the customer satisfaction and to earning the profit. The tracker provides data related to the journey like date and time, location and all the details of past journey.

Call spy– the software accurately monitors ongoing calls from the device. Users can have the information when the device received the call or when the call was made; even details of the missed call are also offered to the users. This feature helps in revealing the conversation of the users with others.

SMS tracker– since messages are also a way for communicating with others hence tracking the message details can be proved beneficial for the users of phone tracker apps. These applications offer the facility to take a sneak peek into the inbox of the device users. The sent/received messages along with other details like date and time, message content and day of communication are sent to the account of the users.

Calendar events– the program can track the calendar events. Calendar events are made for a reminder to stay informed about the upcoming events like birthdays, functions or any meeting. A phone tracker app will send you the detail of all calendar events.

Remote control– an app should be capable of monitoring the device from the far location without any difficulty. Every spy app has this feature to track the device completely even if the target device is not nearby. It enhances the user’s experience of spying on their kids, employees, and others. This feature offers the facility to parents to monitor kids when they are not in the home and stays in touch with them to keep them safe.

View images/videos– the phone gallery has a bulk of information about the users. All the recently and previously captured images, videos, and downloaded files are now in the phone tracker app’s users. Without seeking permission from the phone user, they can view their saved pictures and media files.

View Contact – phonebook where all the contact numbers are saved along with their names and email IDS are very useful for the person who is keeping an eye on the target. Fetching any contact number is easy to the use of this software. The list of complete contact history and saved numbers are uploaded on the user’s account.

IM message services– almost every spy software offer these services to monitor the WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and other social media apps. The conversation over this platform can be of great importance for the parents to know about the behavior of their children on these platforms. These apps are used nowadays even in the business to communicate with the clients effectively. So, tracking them can be advantageous to know about the handling of the customers by the employees.

These are some of the basic features of the tracker apps. However, the app with the advanced features makes a difference in the market. App with highly advanced features is usually the choice of the buyers. The buyers must be aware of the ratings and reviews of any particular application to choose the best. The best phone tracker review shows that the application works well and is safe. The safety is the top priority for which every user look. Any app that is detectable will create the problem and hence looks for the customer policy and other legal issues before purchasing. And in every manner, the truth spy app is the best which is undetectable and offers you the best facility.

First, try the app for free and if you feel satisfied with its working then make a purchase and get the subscription. The plan is on a monthly basis and hence to avail the services users have to renew the plan.

How to track on cell phone with TheTruthSpy

How to track on cell phone with TheTruthSpy
How to track on cell phone with TheTruthSpy

Step 1: Download & Install Phone Tracker TheTruthSpy on Target Phone, you want track or monitor.

Android Installation Guide

iPhone Installation Guide

Step 2: Login or Register New Account to Target Phone. Include Email and Password, and you can use them to login in Control Panel

Step 2: Login or Register New Account
Step 2: Login or Register New Account

Step 3: Hide Icon if You want monitor silent and Undetectable.

Step 3: Hide Icon
Step 3: Hide Icon

Step 4: Visit Control Panel to view all tracking data. Contact Us if you have problem via

TheTruthSpy Panel
TheTruthSpy Panel


Review: Top Phone Tracker Apps
  • #1 TheTruthSpy
  • #2 mSpy
  • #3 FlexiSpy
  • #4 GuestSpy
  • #5 Mobistealth
  • #6 Spy bubble
  • #7 Spyera
  • #8 Spyzie
  • #9 Phonesheriff
  • #10 Highster Mobile


Review: Top 10 Phone Tracker Apps – Best Cell Phone Tracker Reviews. Related to cell phone tracking software, all these top-rated phone tracker software review and reviews.

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