Top 10 Facebook Password Cracker

Top 10 best Facebook Password Cracker to get into someone’s Facebook Account Easily

Internet has been the greatest achievement and innovation that has taken place worldwide. With its, introduction the work which was earlier done in three to four hours is done within a few minutes. You can now find various websites and applications that run with the help of internet. And this has also changed the way people to communicate with one another no matter how far they are from each other. There are several social media sites and platforms available where one can get in touch with each other and share their images, messages and multimedia files easily and without much difficulty. One such social media platform is Facebook. Facebook is considered one of the popular and widely used social media platforms that help one to get in touch with another person sitting in the next state or country.

Top 10 best Facebook Password Cracker to get into someone's Facebook Account Easily
Top 10 best Facebook Password Cracker to get into someone’s Facebook Account Easily

Despite security concern, we share our personal details, anniversaries, birthday, locations as well as plans. Even business owners can share their product details on this platform as a promotional strategy. Well, there is no doubt in saying that with its addictive usage many risks and threats have taken place. People can now chat with another person using a fake ID and threat them by misusing their photos and messages. However, if you are concern parents of your teenager children and wants them to keep distance from these threats, then it is important to monitor their activities or crack their Facebook password. But, how can I crack the Facebook password, is one of the major questions that arise in every mind.

Well, not to worry as there are many great and efficient applications available through the use of which you can crack Facebook password of the victim without them knowing. So, here are those top 10 best Facebook crackers that you can use to get into someone’s Facebook account.

Top 10 Facebook cracker applications

#1 TheTruthSpy App– this is the most amazing and efficient application that comes first among the top 10 Facebook spying applications. This application is best due to the amazing features that it offers to its users. It helps users to easily track the location, monitor the incoming and outgoing calls, and monitor browsing history and other shared multimedia files. With this application you can know where your children are and what they are doing. The only thing that you need to do to use this application is downloaded it from the given link and install it successfully on victim’s phone. Now, you have to create an account and with its keylogger feature you can crack the Facebook password and grab all the information of victim’s Facebook account.

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This application consists of various features such as a keylogger, monitor calls, record voice messages, and 100% undetectable, read SMS, monitor browsing history, and social media sites. It is easy to use and free. Users even get 24 hours of support services thus if you have any problem regarding the use of this application you can contact the customer support service providers.

#2 GuestSpy– if you are in need to crack the Facebook password, then the second best Facebook password cracker is GuestSpy. It consists of an advanced feature that is keylogging that offers its users Facebook credentials of the victim. In addition to this, you can also get access to different activities performed by the victim on his/her Facebook account. Beside this, you can trace the location, contact, messages and call logs. It consists of the web-based dashboard that you can easily access anywhere and anytime.


#3 Hyper-cracker– if in case, you do not want to use the third party application to crack the Facebook password of the victim, but need the same requirement, then it is best to use hyper cracker application. You can get this tool online and can easily be used for hacking victim’s Facebook password within a few minutes. Its main advantage is that is easily available online and easy to use.


You can also get more detailed information in the table below – check all the application’s major features and options and compare their potential. Make an informed and considerate decision by picking the one that suits your needs best.

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Bad
thetruthspy reviewTheTruthSpyguestspy review
Hyper-Cracker reviewHyper-CrackerPhoneSheriff reviewPhoneSheriffHoverwatch reviewHoverwatchiKeyMonitor reviewiKeyMonitorFace-geek reviewFace-geekFlexispy reviewFlexispyPiraterFacebook reviewPiraterFacebookTheOneSpy reviewTheOneSpy
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Multi OS Support What OS variations application supports

Yes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhoneYes Android, iPhone
Real-Time Facebook Tracker Track on Facebook Conversations Real Time

Catch Facebook Deleted Catch the Facebook Messages include deleted

Facebook’s Multimedia Files All pictures, videos, audios, pdfs, or ppts are now easily shareable on Facebook

Facebook Password Cracker gGt into any Facebook Account

Live Audio Streaming Through their phone’s inbuilt microphone, you get to experience all that is being talked about them.

Hidden Call Recorder Can let you listen to all the audio conversations in real time.

SMS Tracker The spy application tracks the sent/received message by the users, anytime, they start a conversation

SPY on Calls Catch their actions by viewing their deleted and existing call details

Instant Messages Read all conversations in all messenger chats supported by application

Yes BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageYes BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageYes Skype, Gtalk, BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, YahooYes Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, FacebookYes WhatApp, Facebook, iMessage, SMS, Viber, Skype, SnapChat, Yahoo, Google hangoutYes Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik MessengerYes BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageYes Skype, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Chat Logging, Viber, Line, KIK, etc.Yes iMessage, Pin Messages, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Line, FacebookYes Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook
Control Apps Parents can determine the app that thinks are appropriate for their teen kids and block the additional application

Remote Control Control the device remotely, install and uninstall applications, switch off the phone remotely, block access to certain websites and features

Undetectable Being undetectable keeps you from all risks of getting caught and makes your spying much credible

Support Access to technical support, options available

Yes Contact form, Ticket system, E-mailYes Phone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatYes Phone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatYes Phone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatYes Contact form, Ticket systemYes Phone, Email ,Contact formYes E-mail, phoneYes Phone, Ticket systemYes E-mail, Ticket systemYes Contact form, Helpdesk:Ticket system

#4 PhoneSheriff– this is a popular and oldest spying application and widely used by parents who are in need to know what their children are doing on their Facebook accounts. With the help of its keylogging feature, you can easily get access to their Facebook account by cracking their Facebook password. It is considered useful for tracking the social media activities, consisted of advanced keylogging feature and helps in tracking victim’s real-time location.

#5 Hoverwatch– this is another advance Facebook password cracking application that you can easily use on numerous occasions. This app works on all popular social media applications and helps users to gain complete information and activities performed by the victim on his/her Facebook account. You can easily get access to its web-based dashboard and spy on the victim. Its main advantages are real-time tracking, undetectable, advanced keylogging feature and accessed remotely.

#6 iKeyMonitor– it is a reliable and efficient Facebook password cracker, that is designed with keylogging feature that enables users to crack the Facebook password easily and without much hassle. You can easily use it on any type of device and helps you maintain call logs, screenshots, social media activities and more. You can even transfer deleted files and messages into your device with this application.

#7 Face-geek– it is an online tool which claims to provide users service to hack Facebook account just by getting victim’s Facebook ID. There is no need of downloading any third party software or application while you crack the Facebook password. Its main benefits are it is available online, no download required and only victim’s Facebook ID is needed.

#8 Flexispy– this is the powerful spying application that can certainly help you hack the hack Facebook password and get into anyone’s Facebook account without them knowing. For doing so, you need to download and install this application on target person’s device so as to obtain all information time and again. Once, you download and install this application you can grab major information like saved media, messages, calls and social media activities. Moreover, it offers several advantages like real-time location, works on all social media sites and advanced keylogging feature.

#9 PiraterFacebook– this application is suggested by many users as it helps users to hack or get into someone’s Facebook account easily. This application is easily available online and there is no downloading process required to use it. You just have to provide the Facebook username of victim and you can start hacking information that you wish to hack. It consists of features like saving location and no download process to hack information.

#10 TheOneSpy– it is highly advanced and reliable application that is used by large number of people to crack the Facebook password. Besides cracking Facebook password, it even records the messages and social media activities. It is also used for protecting device from bugs and is often considered useful for parents. It consists of web-based dashboard, helps record social media activities and consists of advanced keylogging feature.

These are the top 10 best Facebook password cracker, you can use to crack the password of victim’s Facebook account and gain complete information. These applications are often used by parents to know what their children are doing on their Facebook accounts, to whom they chat with, whether they share information, images, and videos with an unknown person or not. By cracking their Facebook account, parents can protect them from doing wrong things, chatting with fake people and protect them from uncertain risks. Not only parents, even partners can catch their cheating spouse if they are cheating on them and talking to any other person on Facebook. You can know with whom they chat on Facebook and catch them with full evidence and make the correct decision at the right time.

Choose the best Facebook Password Cracker to get into any Facebook Account

Choose the best Facebook Password Cracker to get into any Facebook Account
Choose the best Facebook Password Cracker to get into any Facebook Account

Well, if you know these Facebook crackers and if you need to choose the most efficient app, then we would recommend you to use the TheTruthSpy App. It is an amazing application that let you know about the activities performed by the victim on his/her Facebook account. It offers its users amazing features and advantages like monitoring call details with accurate date and call duration, record voice messages and calls, monitor browsing history and more. Furthermore, the most interesting thing about this application is that it is 100% undetectable that means the victim will never to come to know that someone is tracking his/her activities. You do not have to every time use their phone fetch all the details. Once you download and install it on the victim’s phone you can start using it to track all information.

Now, parents don’t need to rely on a housemate, the spouse does not have to spend money on detective nor employers need to hire someone to track the activities or employees. With the help of these applications, you can easily track their details, location as well as crack their Facebook password and get details of all shared photos, videos and other multimedia files within a few minutes. If you are also interested to use TheTruthSpy app then download it on victim’s device and crack their Facebook password now!

Review: Top 10 Facebook Password Cracker
  • Top 1: TheTruthSpy
  • Top 2: GuestSpy
  • Top 3: Hyper-Cracker
  • Top 4: PhoneSheriff
  • Top 5: Hoverwatch
  • Top 6: iKeyMonitor
  • Top 7: Face-geek
  • Top 8: Flexispy
  • Top 9: PiraterFacebook
  • Top 10: TheOneSpy
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