Top 6 Free Adblocker Browsers
Top 6 Free Adblocker Browsers

Get Best 6 Free Adblocker Browsers app of 2019

Internet browsers are the best application on any Android or iOS device. These browsers help you to discover new things, entertain yourself as well as search and connect with people. But many times you see when you open your browser or websites an ad pop up. This app serves as free content as well as service but most of the people dislike such ads and wants an alternative so as to block ads in a browser.

Get Best 6 Free Adblocker Browsers app of 2019
Get Best 6 Free Adblocker Browsers app of 2019

One who works in an office and makes use of such browser to make presentations and other reports needs to find a method to block these ads so that they can work without much annoyance and headache. If an ads pop up every time you open browser on your phone then you might get distracted from your work. Here we will discuss the Adblocker app which will help block ads on Android devices.

Why need to block ads of the browser

Prevent leakage of information

Some ads leak your information when you click on them. These ads can contain hack links which when clicked by you collects and leaks all your data. So, it is better to block such ads and maintain your privacy.

Prevent virus issues

Some ads contain viruses and when you click on them your device gets a virus. If your phone starts working abnormally or starts hanging after you click on some ad which pops up on your browser then it must be due to the virus. Making use of Adblocker app allows you to prevent ads which contain viruses.

Play games and work tension free

People who play games on browser get annoyed when ads pop-up suddenly. These ads are annoying when your game stops in between so, it becomes important to remove or block such ads. Adblocker apps blocks ads in games in addition to browser ads.

Here are Top 6 Free Adblocker Browsers

So now that you know the need of the Adblocker app, pick up the most suitable ad blocker app from the given below a list of top 6 Adblocker app of 2019

TheTruthSpy app

This is the best Adblocker app for android and IOS device which can block ads on any browser. There are no charges involved to use this app and it also protects your device from viruses, spam calls, information leakage, etc. other than blocking ads of browser this app also does the work of blocking unknown calls, tracking phone, tracking app usage, app blocking and so on.

One can track the other devices using TheTruthSpy app. They can track the phone activity of other person using this app and thus, this app acts as a good monitoring tool as well. You can monitor on your kid’s phone and spouse phone using it.

If you make use of TheTruthSpy app so as to block ads then in addition to this feature you will get many other useful features some of which are given below-

GPS tracking

This is a useful feature and it allows the user to trace the location of a phone. In the case where you want to know where your kid is or spouse you can use this app and trace a location of the particular phone. Most of the employees make use of this app to trace the location of their employee.

Call tracking and blocking

If an unknown number is disturbing your kids and you want to protect them from spammers and other strange calls then using this app you can not only block calls on your phone but also block calls on their phone. Thus, it works for multiple devices. Also, you can collect the information of caller like the name, date, and duration of the call.

Internet history spy

TheTruthSpy app is a better option for parents who want to keep their kids away from unwanted content. Using this app you can block the websites which you don’t want your kids to visit and thus, they remain away from adult content or unwanted content.


To know target phone SMS and to read their chats you can make use of TheTruthSpy. This app allows you to save the conversation of target phone and helps you to collect information like senders name, location, time and duration.

Instant messenger spy

Instant messenger like the hike, Facebook and WhatsApp are quite popular today and most of the kids use these apps to connect to people worldwide. It become important to see whom they chat late night so as to ensure that they are not falling in traps of hackers or predators.


This feature is useful in identifying the passwords and patterns of the target phone. In case, you forget password this feature can be life-saving and useful. This feature simply records all patterns and password and make it available to you. You can also change the password of the target device using this app.

App usage recorder

This is the feature which records the use of apps stored in a phone. Parents make use of this feature so as to record app usage of their kid’s phone which in turn helps them determine how many hours are spent by their kids on phone. There is also an option provided to block apps which seems non-useful or inappropriate for your kids.

Download TheTruthSpy app from ( and you will be able to take free trial for 24 hours. You can easily use it on both Android and IOS device and block ads of the browser and also monitor others device using this software. It is very useful software for one who wishes to spy on others phone.

Free Adblocker browser

For the ad-free browsing, you should make use of the Adblocker browser. Using this app will allow you to avoid ads and thus, you can grab more content which will benefit you. This app is the best alternative for the Dolphin, chrome, and Firefox. Some of the features of this app are that it can block all kinds of ads as well as cookies, notify you when there is adware or malware, upload time as well as registration is not required.

Free Adblocker browser app blocks the video ads, banners as well as pop-ups efficiently- this is the reason why it considered as desirable ad blocker for the browser. It also helps to save the battery of your device as well as data usage. Also, your online behavior and information remain safe from spam ads which may otherwise leak your data.

Adblock Plus

This app is very useful and can be used for blocking ads on Google chrome, internet explorer, opera and Firefox. There are various features available in this app like whitelist the acceptable ads, block ads, block the malicious domain. Prevent tracking cookies as well as disable the social media option on users preferred browser. With the use of this app, you will be allowed to filter the intrusive ads which pop-ups on your browsers. Users can enable as well as disable the filters as per their needs.

Adblock browser

The mobile browser version of Adblock browser was released after months of testing. The testing is done so as to ensure that the user gets fast, safe as well as ad-free browsing experience on their tablets as well as Smartphone. there is a number of features offered in this app but the few best ones are- save data usage, browse faster, it also disables the cookies and blocks malware as well as ads. Also, users are allowed to put the sites in the blacklist and whitelist.


If you make use of chrome more often than any other browser and wants to get rids of ads then nochrome is the best option for you. It is important to note that the extension is not maintained by chrome and it is an open source version of chrome. Their ads are disabled and user need not be worried about bookmarks as well as login details. You can sync the data on chrome via nochrome whenever you sign in with the Google account.


Opera has added a wonderful surprise to its browsing feature. It has the inbuilt ad-blocker which blocks any kind of ads. It is unbelievable for opera to offer such a feature because it is itself an advertising agency. The addition of such feature have been a great option for the user as they need not install any other ad blocker. The user can experience fast browsing experience and it has easy to use interface.

The user can make a whitelisted list of sites where advertisements are allowed to emerge. Ad blocking feature of this app block more ads than any other ad blocking browser app.


The above-given list of the ad block browser must be useful to you. You can now get rid of ads in the browser and browse safely and grab enough contents. Make sure you pick the most reliable tool which sits well with your device. An updated version of the app must be downloaded and installed in order to get the best outcomes.


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