As a parent, it is your responsibility to educate your teen about the new invention and modification of the world. On the other hand, it is your duty to make them aware of the misuse of the technology and the bad impact of it. It is a fact that your children are more familiar with the modern devices than you. And your aim should be to make yourself more knowledgeable than your children regarding the modern devices, like the smartphones, tablets, and others. Even your children can use so many apps on their phone, some of which are not appropriate. Now this is truly a difficult task for you to equip yourself properly so that you can keep yourself one step ahead of your children. Some of the dangerous apps can be very harmful. One fine solution of this problem obviously is the use of the spy app, like The Truth Spy. Truly with the help of the spy app you can easily monitor the activity of the children.

But sometimes it happens that your children try to hide the use of some dangerous apps. And they do it innocently not knowing the consequence.

There are several dangerous apps. Among them the five apps are:

Whisper: this app helps users to share private information with other people which can be very dangerous. And the dangerous part is this sharing can be done anonymously, which can cause a bigger problem. Actually, whisper confession can only be heard by those persons who are near to the located area according to the GPS location. So it is truly a great risk that some unknown persons can hear your private confession.

Tinder: maybe this is the most dangerous app for the teenagers and the matter of concern regarding it is the teenagers are trying to hide the use of this app from their parents. Actually, Tinder is a dating app. Though this app wants age verification, but it can be easily manipulated. Through this app, a person can choose a life partner. So this app is not for the teenagers. But they use it to satisfy their curiosity. this app is unique with its feature. It helps a person to ask some specific questions anonymously to some specific persons. The users answer these questions and post the answers to their own page. But the bitter truth is these postings can lead to a bigger problem. Actually, this app helps the cyber bullies to attack personally. Now these things can be stopped easily with the use of the genuine spy app, like The Truth Spy.

Kik: this app helps you to share your personal information with other people. And this can create a risk. Because sharing personal information means to break the privacy of the personal life. Teenagers do that without knowing the ultimate consequence.

Vine: a normal app with some great activity. This app helps you to upload videos for a certain time frame. Teenagers use this app only for fun, but sometimes mistakenly they post some videos which are inappropriate, and this can create a bigger trouble.

Now all the problems mentioned above can be solved by the use of the spy app, like TheTruthSpy.


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