The year 2017 is almost here, and the use of smartphones is rising with immense speed. With the improvisation in the technical skills, it became easy for the people to communicate with each other using different platforms. An instant messenger does not hold that much importance initially, but now it has become a thing of craze among the youngsters and even the adults. It can be treated as an update version of SMS but provides more beneficial features than it. These messengers play a very vital role in every individual’s life, by quickly making them connected with others for free.

How TheTruthSpy Monitor Top Trendy Instant Messengers (IM's)
How TheTruthSpy Monitor Top Trendy Instant Messengers (IM’s)

Its use was limited in the past, but with the growing customer adoption of this app, the market of this messenger started hitting the sky. With the continued usage and increasing demand of people the makers try to launch an app that contains better and more advanced features as compared to the other apps. Many a time’s people don’t get satisfied with one thing; they want a new feature to add on to their list, so this can be the primary reason for launching new instant messenger every year.

What is the use of an instant messenger?

Instant messenger is an application used for online chatting, offering real-time text over the internet. This messenger can connect people worldwide. Their makers have introduced them with an outstanding feature of video calling, by which you can have a direct communication with the person you want. This was not possible by the usage of SMS. Also, by making use of these messengers, you can even have conference chatting where more than two people can communicate at a time. When people communicate using this app, they can get quick replies and don’t have to wait for long; this can be very time-saving. This is not the end; these apps contain an extensive list of advanced features which anyone can think of.

Which are the top trendy instant messengers?

  1. Spy on WhatsApp: – this is one of the most popular apps that need no introduction. It has managed its way all around the world and gets supported by all the users, using android, iOS, windows or any other version. It is the first thing that everyone installs in their phone after purchasing it. By far it is treated as the best and the most convenient app for communicating purpose. In it sending and receiving of messages is very easy. You can also make use of the different features provided by it.
  2. Spy on Snapchat: – this application has gained its importance from the last few years. Its features are so exciting that even adults are getting attracted towards it. With time it has managed to make a massive fan following especially the teens. It allows its users to have communication, live, with some of the selected friends.
  3. Spy on Facebook Messenger: – as everyone is known to this fantastic app, it also does not require any introduction. Facebook has completed its ten years of achievement and still occupies the place in the heart of people. Its messenger app is straightforward and convenient to use and allow you to reply back to your friends instantly on the go. It also provides many features, of which a user can make use.
  4. Spy on Skype: – this is one of the favorite video calling app of all time, And undoubtedly the best in the world. But apart from this it also provides with easy messaging ability. It has great speed, which helps in sending the files fast. You can communicate with the people who are there in your contact list.
  5. Spy on Viber: – it is also one of the messaging apps analogous to WhatsApp, but has not made it mostly. It gains popularity initially because it was the only app with free voice calling ability. It is not much use by the people, but still, it provides some advanced features like celebrity chats and emojis.

What is the need to monitor these apps?

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Instant messengers are one of the best ways of social interaction. It works faster than emails. As in emails, you have to check whether the other person is online or not, but it does not go with this. It manages to keep a constant flow of conversations with ease. But apart from its advantages, there can also be some threats on which you have to keep a check. Being a concerned parent, it’s your responsibility to look over the activities of your child on these apps, as there are many unknown strangers outside, who want to influence your child.

Do you need to get informed, that with whom your kid is spending the majority of his time? With whom he is sharing his details? So all these questions can be resolve by making use of the monitoring app which assists you with all the activities done by your child. The software provides you with different features like:-

  • Helps in tracking the messages
  • Undetectable, and antivirus software
  • Provide with the details of internet usage
  • Trace the call recordings
  • Check over the multimedia files
  • Track the GPS location
  • Provides with the screen snapshots at the time of texting
  • the user can block the unwanted sites to prevent his child getting affected
  • Checking of all the received and sent an email.
  • Comes with affordable price.

These are some of the outstanding features which no other software can provide you. By making use of TheTruthSpy app, you can easily crack the privacy of your child’s or partner device and acknowledge their wrong doing. You can able to read the all the real-time conversations, with proper time duration and names of all the unidentified numbers. All these details are gets collected on the online dashboard, from where you can easily access them when required, provided, with the availability of internet. By doing this, you can quickly ensure the safety of your child and prevent him from getting trapped in any unwanted danger.


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