Teenagers are addicted to their smart phones and do not want to miss even a single text from their friends. You can see the mobile phone in their hands 24×7. They can be seen texting while eating, while walking, while watching movie, texting on an outing and texting when driving. Too much addiction of anything is harmful. A child must not use his phone to this extent. Among all the above-given examples texting and driving is the most dangerous thing. Driving on the road in itself is a very crucial work and should be done with all the attention. Looking to another side while driving can also become dangerous. Therefore the teens must know the consequences of texting while driving.

Why Texting and Driving is Dangerous for Teens
Why Texting and Driving is Dangerous for Teens

Texting and driving in technical terms means performing any work of reading, typing or sending any message over the internet using mobile phone. Texting is considered to be extremely distracting and dangerous while driving. Out of hundred, almost 50 cases of accidents involve teens who were texting and driving. It’s the duty of parents to be aware and make their children aware so that they may not have to face problems. Also, parents can make use of the spying applications like thetruthspy app.

The recent surveys and statistics are socking as they have revealed the accidents related to texting and driving. Some of them are:

  • Almost 8 people are killed daily in road accidents due to distraction on the road.
  • 1500 people are getting injured daily
  • Almost 50000 teens are seen texting and driving in a day.
  • Due to accidents, many teens are being arrested on daily basis.

Numbers don’t lie. The teens of today are unaware of the fact of how dangerous texting and driving can be. There are various disadvantages of texting and driving. Parents must tell their kids about its consequences. Some of its adverse effects are:

  • Accidents– this is the most obvious disadvantage of texting and driving. The kids are not able to pay attention to the road while driving ending up having accidents.
  • Against the law– texting and driving are a legal offense in various countries. Many teens have been caught for this offense.
  • Costly affair– accidents and legal cases involve huge costs in it. You may have to incur huge expenses in getting medical treatment. Other than that life of a loved one is costlier than anything else in this world, and it can’t ever be recovered.

It is true that you cannot stop your child from going out of the house. But you can teach him and make him safe by using TheTruthSpy app. This application comes with various features like call recording, message tracking, GPS tracking and much more. By tracking the location and SMS, you can make sure that your kid is not texting while driving. Also, this app is 100% untraceable so that your kid may not come to know about your tracking activity.

Apart from this, you must lead your kid by examples. Make him aware of his responsibility and tell him that his life is precious for you. Instruct your child in such a manner that they avoid using mobile phone while driving.


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