If you are a parent of a child at his/her prepubescent stage, it is highly recommended that you should be aware of the term pedophile. It is actually a term used to denote an individual with a condition referred to a pedophilia. This is a condition, wherein the individual experiences psychiatric disorder, due to which the adult or even an older adolescent will have an exclusive of primary sexual attraction towards children at prepubescent stage. If your kid is at prepubescent stage, the details given below will be of help to you:

Sweden has plans towards organizing a clinical trial with the objective of getting into the lives of probable abusers. In case, the trial turns out to be a success, the lives of millions of kids will be saved. This trial has actually begun and it is being conducted at one of the top-rated medical universities in the world named Karolinska Institute. This trial recruits nearly 60 possible sex lawbreakers before they have actually broken the law. This trial is something, wherein a special drug was used on these individuals to bring down the risk of abusing kids at their prepubescent stage. It is expected that the trial will bring happy news to the parents of young kids, who can be saved from the hands of pedophiles.

What can be done until then?

The result of this study is not yet published, but as a parent of a little kid approaching his/her puberty, you might be wondering about the steps that you can take yourself to safeguard your little one from the hands of pedophile. The first thing you can do is to keep your kid informed and you should educate him/her. It is true that it would be tough to talk to your little one about sexual abuse, but you can keep a watch on your kid. Remember that a Pedophile can approach your kid through the internet, social media and even by calling him/her through phone. Besides these things, he/she can also approach your child in person and can take him/her to some faraway places to satiate their desire.

Safeguard your child with spy application:

The best thing you can do is to install a reliable spy application like TheTruthSpy on the mobile phone of your child, so that you can keep a watch on him/her. You can just listen to the calls received and made by your kid through the mobile phone, can view the chat and messaging conversation. Even, you can keep a watch on the internet activities of your kid and can also see the list of contacts on your child’s phone to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the contacts, conversations and messages. Also, with GPS monitoring facility offered by this application, you can get the history of places visited by your child, besides getting real-time details of GPS location of your kid. So, with such a spy application, it is highly possible to safeguard your child from the abuse of a pedophile.


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