How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free
How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages Free

Spy on iPhone text messages for free

Spying on person text messages seems to be odd. However, there are some situations where a person has to make the use of the text messages spy tool so that a user can read the messages of the target person. The people who want to spy on text messages need a spy tool because the spy tool is the only solution that will allow you to read of the messages on iPhone for free in a hidden mode.

Spy on iPhone text messages for free
Spy on iPhone text messages for free

Few strong reasons for messages spy

Being a parent- We know that our world is tough and children don’t have an idea about how to easily tackle the situation. Mostly the parents are unaware of the thing going in one’s life, where they are visiting and whom they are communicating etc. The only way to understand the intentions of the kids it is better that one undergo spying on text using a reliable spy tool. TheTruthSpy tool can be used for spying on the target device for free.

A spouse- If you are a partner and are having jealousy feeling and you hate the activity of your partner of spending most of the time on phone calls, text messaging, etc.  If you have suspected your spouse being associated with another person and is in a relationship secretly, spying is the solution that is left with you to figure out all that is going on in his/her life. The spy tool will assist you in figuring out everything going on and most importantly it will clear the doubt of your spouse being in a relationship is your imagination or is a reality.

About TheTruthSpy App

Many spy tools are available in the market and TheTruthSpy app is widely used and has become a popular medium of text messages spying. You must choose this spy tool as it is free to use and is offering many excellent spying features. To reduce the headache of undergoing coding process and put extra efforts on spying like that of the traditional method, a user can use TheTruthSpy as it is the best option available.

This app not only works on iphone but also it works on Android iOS. Upon activating this application, the whole conversation can be easily seen. To access the app and spy text messages on iphone a user must create a user account using reliable email ID and password. Now he has to login to the app account and then provide target person details such as iOS, age, name, etc. Fill in the ID and password of iCloud and then hit on verify option. Download the app into the target person device and login and enter all iCloud details. Simply hit on the messages option and start monitoring all chats done.

The original site of this app is (

Spying features one can use

  • IM messages spy and SMS spy
  • Call logs tracking
  • Actual time location movements tracking
  • Recording surrounding noise
  • Photos, screenshots, and videos viewing


So this is the best and hassle-free way to spy on target person text messages on iPhone.



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