Smartphones, other digital wearables and mobile PCs are being used by millions of people from around the world. In addition to social impact caused by these handheld devices even professionals like doctors and engineers have a concern about the damages caused by these devices to the human body. The reason is that they are aware of the fact that radio wave radiation is transferred and also received from a smartphone.

Until late 1990s, mobile phones were not popularized for mainstream usage. Even during those periods many children were not provided with mobile phone access and also those days, the phones were not used for web access as the facility was not available those days. Those days, the most advanced devices just had color screen and may be some had digital camera facility. However, there were not much space for storing quality photos and there were not app stores, touch screens and video streaming were not possible those days. But, nowadays, technology has developed to a great extent. But, the unfortunate thing here is that in the rush towards getting to the latest and greatest, many of us have failed to look into the consequences of what is actually happening, wherever a smartphone is used or even powered on.

What is involved in wireless communication?

Mobile phones work on wireless communication, which involves radio waves, similar to that of a radio. Other than the phone, everyone is tuned to their own radio station that will only be listened to from their phone. The reason is that only a single phone can understand the radio transmission, it does not denote that radio transmission will go away. The fact is that we are shelled by radio waves from all radio transmissions that operate strong enough to reach us. Everything right from radio and television station, Wi-Fi web connection, Bluetooth operated devices and even the dongles on our car keys transmit data and communications through our bodies with the help of radio waves. As more types of devices are being connected without any wire and more and more people are using the devices, it makes good sense to feel concerned about how these radio frequencies can affect our health.

Radio and Radiation:                 

Do you know that the words ‘radio’ and ‘radiation’ are closely connected as both of them deal with atomic energy that travels in waves on any energy spectrum that is not visible to the human eyes. When wireless units are used, they permit us to interpret radio wave pulses at varied frequencies, thereby giving us the facility to talk over the cell phone. Radios generally make use of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which means that the electricity gives power to the wave through the air and through solid materials without causing any disturbance or harm to the materials that they pass through. On the other hand, newer devices and newer technologies find that radio waves on the ionizing end of the spectrum bring greater bandwidths and download speeds. Here, the thing to remember is that ionizing electromagnetic radiation modify the objects that they pass through and they are harmful. For instance, gamma, x-ray and ultraviolet rays are ionizing radiation that has the ability to break molecular bonds and can cause damage to organic DNA.


As the technology is new, it is hard to say whether or not there are harmful effects due to long-term usage of smartphone devices. So, as against using Bluetooth, it is safe to use wired headsets and also it is recommended to keep handsets a centimeter away from the body to prevent over exposure to the transmitter or receiver.


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