The mobile phone are available in the market includes a lot of features which provide easy accessibility. These phones are more powerful and have more fun with using these devices. In term of incredible mobile features, iPhone is world famous. We all have listened about the iPhone and their attractive features, but nothing is perfect. It includes a lot of features but least power storage in a battery. That is why you cannot use the iPhone for so long. You have to charge your phone with every couple of hours.

How to save Battery Life with iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad
How to save Battery Life with iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad

There are some ways to conserve iPhone battery life, but many of them include turning on features. So you need to consider factors that can help to improve iPhone battery life.

Prevent background applications

Many users’ leaves their application without closing it and these are running in the background. More the application you use causes warm the phone. Keep the thing in mind that warming the phone can reduce the battery life. You are interested in keeping save the battery power then close the background applications. Though you have closed some background apps some applications again starts because they are programmed as to run in the background for always. Some social media applications are always in a background that uses a battery. So you have to use the least number of social networking applications.

Automatic update of applications

When you switch on the automatic update options, and then need to close it. It always keeps battery life and consumes it. Newer the update option offer you to get excellent features but need an extra battery. So keep off this option and on when you need it.

Use content or ad blocker

Content and ad blocker is the way that you can avoid unwanted catches, suggestions, ads and else. If you use ad and content blocker, then it eliminates the unwanted catches. Unwanted catches can boost the battery consumptions. So you have best option to save battery with using the ad blocker.

Auto brightness option

This feature is available in all the mobile phone to increased or decrease the brightness. You feel irritated when low brightness and high brightness in day and night respectively. So keep the brightness in auto mode. So you don’t need to increase or decrease the brightness that you have auto brightness option. It can balance the brightness according to the light present outside. If still, the battery problem is here then you can select the low brightness which consumes the least battery. That can help to increase battery life.

Keep WIFI and mobile tethering off

WIFI and HotSpot is the best feature in features phone that can help you to save battery life if you keep it off. It uses more battery than other mediums. Basically, in these two terms, mobile continuously radiates high intensity or frequency signals. That is why it consumes more and more battery. To run the long battery time then keeps the HotSpot and WIFI off. Avoid unnecessary switching on the wireless options.

Find battery killers

Battery killers are the unwanted options in the mobile phones. You cannot find these options in the storage, but it exists. So you have to download an application from the app store that can enable you to kill battery killers, that means you have some application in the app store which makes free RAM and least consume battery power.

Turn off location services

To get the exact location in MAP, you have switched off GPS. It is a global positioning system that provides accurate location of the user. But it consumes more power because of radiate a lot. So keep off positioning system and extend your iPhone battery life.


Bluetooth is medium to transfer files without any physical medium. That is why it radiates signals to connect with other devices. The device that radiates uses more power. So keep off the Bluetooth if it is not using to extend battery life.

Power saving mode

Though, you have various options which can help you to save more power but following individually take you to expense more time. So, you have to use power saving mode which can off about all the unwanted activities in the background. It can keep off the battery killer, make a barrier for background apps, and get the brightness and much more.

These options can help you to save more power and increase your battery life. To increase better life, you have to off unwanted activities, and some are listed above. Clean the Ram regularly to refresh the device and save more battery power.


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