Mobiles are a must to have with everyone, it is like a pen, anyone can own it, but you need to be cautious when you choose them, as they are quite expensive to buy out at times. The mobiles are not just the phones, but they too have lots of databases also to handle of yours. The Samsung mobiles have been one of the mobiles that have created tremors lately in the sea of mobiles and have released lots of designs and models for the people and customers. If you are looking for the best of them, then you can visit the websites and have a comparison chart between your favorite mobiles. The mobiles can be many, but you need to know what you require and why you should go for the one. There is a new mobile that is launched recently by the name Google Pixel. And lots of people are looking forward to buying the same, due to the brand attached to them. There are many, who were waiting for, the brand to launch the mobiles as it is considered to be one of the milestones in the coming time.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8
Google Pixel
Google Pixel

Let’s have detailed comparison below among the one of the top models of the Samsung i.e. S8 and Google Pixel:

  • Price: When you compare two mobiles, an undoubtedly price is the major factor in deciding, but there is another genre that goes just for the feature and some other looks for a balance between them. Both of the mobiles have a different price and there is a huge difference as well. The Google Pixel has a price of between 60 to 70 thousand while the Samsung S8 will be coming nearby to 50 thousand. Undoubtedly, there is a difference and that will their audience different too.
  • Storage and Screen Size: If we talk about the major features after the price, then we will see the user wants to look at the size of the mobile and the storage too. If we see Google Pixel, we will find that the mobile is just 5.5 inches while the Samsung S8 is about 5.8 inches. Larger the screen some consider it better for display while for others it is unfit in their pocket. This clearly tells that it depends upon the individual that which one they will go to choose. As the whole day, we keep on receiving the images, videos, documents so the storage also plays a major role in deciding. The Google Pixel has a memory of 32 GB, while the Samsung S8 has a bigger one that is 64 GB. So, once you have a look at both, then do have a comparison and look for the suitable one as per your own preference.
  • The Google Pixel is already launched and is on the market for few months while the Samsung Galaxy S8, will be going to launch shortly in April 2017. The Google before launching the Google Pixel have stopped the working of their Nexus models which was very much in trend in the past and have come with a new brand in the market. The Samsung also has a big fan following with lots of models working well in the market.
  • There are lot many features that are common between both of the mobiles and you will find that they are the best at what they are. The Google Pixel have a tendency of delivering and attracting to the audience who have a full-fledged experience of Android, but on the other hand, if we talk about the Samsung S8, they cater to the trendy, youth or to the people who wants to explore the trends of the Android mobiles in the near future.

Both the mobiles have a different look and the features are also a bit different in addition to the price of the mobiles. So, once your mind to buy one of them, then do take care of their unique features to be addressed by you before you make a purchase. So, do take care of the specifications and buy it from an authorized user only, this will help in claiming the refunds and returns on your behalf. Do look for the one that will best suit you otherwise it can be a hassle for you to make your purchase with them. The mobiles are always in your hands today, so look for the best that can serve you efficiently from the time of usage.


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