April 21 is the date on which this mode will be going to release. Gadget gurus are curious to know about the latest features of this phone. With this new edition, Samsung is trying to rebuild their image and reputation in the eyes of customers. Through it, they want to win the trust of their clients after the failure of their product note 7. Besides this, there are lots of rumors about it. So, let’s see what they are?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors Amass As Launch Day for the Phone
Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors Amass As Launch Day for the Phone

Rumor # 1: Releasing rumors and price

In March, this model is rumored to be launched and available for sale in the month of April 21. But the executives of Samsung confess that it just a rumor and MWC will not be introduced to this model now. The cited reason for this is the entire note seven chaoses. This flagship model will be launched later, and this rumor is just false. But on 29th March 2017, they will be going to organize unpacked Galaxy event. Taking about its price then it ranges between euro 700 to euro 800. So, one can expect its releasing date at the end of month April 2017.

Rumor # 2: about variants and design

Second rumor about it is that there are two variants of this model. The predecessor of this model Galaxy S7 also had two variants. But its features are advance and its screen will be bezel-free. It is also rumored that it might have an infinity screen in it. Talking about model design then it can be curved and not flat. Customers expect more from this model and want its display to be dual edged. It has been said that the model contains side mountain button and also have an assistant. Well, the assistant thing is confirmed by the executives. This time Samsung 8 model is ready to surprise their customers and meet all of their expectations regarding this model.

Rumor # 3: screen size and dimensions

Third rumor is about the screen size of Samsung 8 as it has been reported that its size is bigger than its previous version. But its dimensions are similar to that of the Galaxy 7, and there are no changes in it. This is because they want to maintain the consistency of their flagship model. On the other hand, expected display is unknown, but its screen and body ratio is just perfect and makes the screen look good. Besides this, their log is absent on the phone’s front screen. Now, let’s move on the fourth one.

Rumor # 4: Fingerprint sensor

There have been rumors about the fingerprint scanner. It is said to be shifted on the back side of the phone. The bezel-less screen of this infinity display consumes more space and thus leaves no space for the scanner. Besides this, front panel does not consist of finger print, but its back panel will be graced by the back panel. Iris scanner is rumored to be absent in this edition, but it might have the facial scanning feature in it. There are numbers of Samsung 8 images leaked through which one can see various sensors on the phone. About fingerprints sensor, then rear is that place where this sensor is situated.


Rumor # 5: about Headphone jack

Another rumor about it is that Samsung 8 headphone jack is an imitation of Apple’s jack. Well, this rumor is confirmed through leaked pictures, and a headphone jack is clearly visible on this Smartphone. Besides this, backlash Apple might be the reason as for why Samsung executives decided to keep this jack on the phone.

Other than this, Galaxy eight is said to be compatible with other versions of Android. Also, any spy application can be installed in it plus it works efficiently on it. Through it, the user can have a good control on the target device, and one can access to their private details easily.


The information mentioned above is based on leaked evidence and may or may not be true. But most of them are confirm by different sources. So, now it is interesting to see that which of the rumor is true and which is not? Customers have high expectations from Samsung as all their products are innovative and they try to offer something new to them.

We all have been waiting for this model and are very curious about its new features. Well, all these rumors will be cleared in future when this model will be launched.


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