Nowadays, most companies issue mobile phones to their employees with a view to getting in touch with them easily. But, the problem faced by most of these organizations is that they experience huge phone bills as the workers use the phone for personal purpose. Even though, providing mobile phones to key professionals is something important in the present competitive business world, managing huge telephone bills for the personal calls made by employees is something that can be frustrating for any organization.

Furthermore, in the present scenario, where most companies look for ways to cut down the expenses, it becomes highly important to keep the expenses towards personal calls made by employees on company-issued phones is an area, where huge cost-cutting is possible. In addition, when the employees keep talking or chatting on the phone, it can also lead to loss of productivity to the organization. Here comes the question how to prevent personal use of company-issued mobile phones in the minds of most entrepreneurs. Let us find a solution here:

Installing a reliable spy application:

The best thing employers can do before actually supplying their employees with a phone is to install a reliable spying application like theTruthSpy. The employees can be informed about the existence of such an application on their phone or they can also be just informed not to use the phone too much for personal purpose, for chatting, for playing games and for other personal works during office hours.

Employers can make sure that employees are not wasting time:

With such a spying application on the phone, employers can get details on any activities like calls made and received along with phone number and the name of the person to whom calls were made and calls were received. Not just calls, they can gather details about the messages sent and received, complete details of chatting applications used on the phone, social media access and also complete browsing history can be obtained. This means that the employers can make sure that the employees are not wasting their time on personal works during office hours.

Whereabouts of employees:

With the GPS tracking facility offered by this application, employers can get complete details about the whereabouts of the employees. For instance, if some employees are to be sent on field works, it will be possible to make sure whether the employees have just visited the entrusted place and not any other personal places. Besides knowing the present GPS location, it will be possible to get a complete history of GPS location of the phone.


Employees looking for ways to prevent personal use of company-issued mobile phones, now have the best option to install TheTruthSpy application on the phone before issuing to employees. In addition, this application comes with 48-hour free trial version, which will help with judging the performance before actually opting for the paid edition. Employers can frame the right policies to handle employees not following the policy of the company with respect to the usage of the mobile phone issued to them from the organization.


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