The Internet has become an essential part of life in recent times. And even kids are using the internet quite effectively as well. Most of the times parents feel that the internet may have some negative impact on the children. But in reality, it may not have that much of negative effect as well. So if you are looking for a fair discussion about positive and negative effects of the internet, then you can definitely go through this article.

At first, we should discuss the positive side of the internet on kids:

  • You can get a fair knowledge:

The internet has made the learning process way easier than it was before. Now with the help of the internet, it is possible to learn about almost anything we want. So it can be understood how much helpful internet can be for kids. As they can gather knowledge about almost everything with the help of some powerful search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo. Etc. With the help of the internet, you can also get a huge number of study materials, and most of those study materials are of quite good quality. So you can understand how much helpful Internet can be for kids.

  • Study tools:

There are some helpful study materials are available on the internet which can be really helpful for the kids. Most of those tools come with interesting games, quizzes, and F.A.Qs on everyday science. So if a kid can get access to those apps, then it can be very helpful for him.

  • Interactive learning activities:

There are different websites on the internet which provide a useful learning platform to the kids. These websites basically help a kid to test their skills while they are having fun. So it is basically having fun while you are learning. And it is a very effective way of learning.

  • Communication skills:

If there is more time on the internet is spent, then it can result in interaction with more people. So when a kid interacts with more people, then it increases their communication skill. So it is definitely a positive side of using the internet.

Negative sides of using the Internet:

1) A kid can get access to inappropriate materials:

If a kid uses too much internet, then that kid can get access to some inappropriate materials, which is completely undesirable. When a kid gets access to some inappropriate materials, then it can be really harmful to that kid. So parents should really look out for this.

2) Detachment for real life:

When a kid spends too much time on the internet, that kid gets detached from real life. And if that happens it can affect the life of that kid in a big way.

3) Cyberbullying:

If your kid spends too much time on the internet, then he can be a victim of cyber bullying, where your kid may get bullied by other kids which are really undesirable.

So, if you want to keep track the activities of your kid on the internet then you can use TheTruthSpy app. So, these are the things we should look for before providing the internet to the kids.


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