The 21st century is considered as the era of technological advancement. Today, nothing is possible without technology, and therefore a lot of social networking sites are being developed on a regular basis. Teenagers often enter into the social media world to enjoy the technology and enhance their relationships with virtual media users. But it is not a surprise that a lot of predators are also using these social networking sites. If you are a parent and you ever look into your child’s phone, their mobile phone is lured with many application, out of which you are not even familiar with many. Your child might be interacting with many people with the help of such applications, and they may also fall into the trap of some predators. Because children, usually teens are interacting with many people whom they don’t even know.

Popular Apps Teenagers Use to Deal with Chatting & Sexting
Popular Apps Teenagers Use to Deal with Chatting & Sexting

The social media risks do not end here; teens even interact with people and foster relationships with their fellows and have started the trend of online dating and sexting. There are numerous fake accounts which operate over the internet with the aim of trapping the teens and assaulting them sexually. They actively keep track over their target teen and claim to have similar interests and hobbies to connect and gather the trust of the victim.

Thus, it is necessary for every parent to find out the place where their kids are meeting such strangers? Do they meet physically or it is just the virtual relationship that they have? Not surprisingly, most of the teens meet such strangers on social networking sites and applications which allow easy texting, audio, and video calls.

Some of the common apps which the teens use for sexting nowadays include

Tinder- most commonly known as the “hook-up” app, Tinder was designed for adults who can scroll through various profiles and can find a perfect date for themselves. However, the application developers itself admit that most of the profiles on Tinder belong to the kids of an age group of 13 to 17. They smartly put down wrong details while creating an account, thinking that they wouldn’t be caught. This app works on the GPS service and tracks people to find someone who can meet you at a distance till one mile.

WhatsApp– it is one of the most popular social media communication application which is used all over the world. This app has undergone various developments, and now it also has a feature of audio and video calls. The app is user-friendly and a lot of children and teenagers use this application to exchange unlimited photos, voice messages, videos and much more. The application experiences around 450 million users and is frequently used by a lot of predators who seek children to violate.

Snapchat– this application allows the users to share pictures and videos which disappear after a certain amount of time. Due to this feature, teens think that people cannot easily save their media files as they get destroyed on their own and post such content which they must not share publicly. The teens get into the traps of predators ad they secretly monitor and save all the pictures which they post. The culprits even ask for critical pictures and exploit the teens to meet them secretly.

Kik– it is a private messaging app which offers a feature under which parents cannot detect the hidden or private messages. This application is also developed in such a manner that it becomes hard for anyone to find out and check certain user identities. Due to this feature, a lot of fake profiles are made over this application and allows the criminals to stay anonymous and steal another person’s private details. This ultimately increases the risk of sexual harassment and assault by the users who engage in conversations with the teens.


A lot of researchers have noticed cases of online crimes, under which many teens were threatened to rape and even forced to involve in physical activities with the criminals. If they deny doing so, the criminals leak their images and videos which they would have shared during sexting with that person. Thus, to save your teen from all such crimes, the parents must use TheTruthSpy app. This application allows you to monitor all the activities that happen over your childs phone. You only have to install TheTruthSpy application in their phone after which it will track all the text, video and voice conversations along with providing their periodic location details. You can also make a fake call to your child and can listen to his surround sound to detect what’s happening around them.


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