It is a common trend for the teenagers to download and install hundreds of apps on the smartphones. As a parent, if you check the phone of your son and daughter you can see that the phone is loaded with so many apps. Even if they hear about any new app, then it is just the moment, they will search them and immediately download and install them. Every app has its own features. And they are different from each other. Some apps are truly good as they help you to do many important things. And some apps assist the teens for sexting. Now the question is what is sexting? Sexting means to send photographs and messages that are explicit and related to sex through the mobile phones.

Nowadays, several apps are used by the teens to deal with sexting.

The Apps:

  • Snapchat: This app is a very popular app, and it helps the teens to share photos, videos, and messages safely with other known or unknown persons. Some teens think that sharing sex-related messages or explicit photos are safe, but it is a destructive way, and it hampers severely when they are exposed publicly. Now it is also true that Snapchat has increased the security, and they attract many users to use it safely. But it should be remembered that messages can be read with another source.
  • Whatsapp: To send a text message through a phone one has to pay money. But there are several apps which work as the internet messenger. One such app is Whatsapp. Through this app, teens can avoid the messaging service and can use the internet to text the friends or other persons. This app helps you to send private messages. But the problem is those messages can be explicit and at the same time provocative.
  • iDelete: iDelete is a popular app not only among the teens but amongst the youths also. You are living in the most updated era. And as a parent, it is impossible for you to prevent your children from texting messages or sharing photos or videos with others from the phones. But the most concerned are is they share some private moments with their ones, thinking that these moments can’t be exposed publicly. But hackers are everywhere, and they are ready to destroy your privacy though recently iDelete has improved their security. The users of this app can retract a message before one can see it; even they can choose to not send it if they think the message is improper. But the truth is if there is a lock, then there must be a key so, one should be careful while using this app.
  • Tinder: It is an online dating app, and so it is very popular among the teens and youths. This clearly is not a good app for the teens. Many times teens register themselves as adults and use this app. This app provides images from a particular area, and the users need to say whether the image is bad or good. This process can lead to certain unwanted changes among the teens. Even the images that are shown can bear false profile.

So parents should be more conscious about the use of the apps of their children, and they can use spy or a monitoring app like TheTruthSpy to prevent children from performing any unwanted activities.


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