There was a time when most of us were attached to our television sets. It was once a ritual to sit in front of television set along with family members to watch the latest programs. In addition, there was a television guide those days and we used to watch the guide to know the timing of the program as they are telecasted only during the scheduled times.

It can be an understatement to say that media and media watching have evolved these days. Now, we are living in a distracted environment, where we have not left out of our television sets, but also we are balancing our cell phones and tablets in our arms along with the remote control for our television sets. We still watch television shows, but many of us watch the program that was recorded last night. When we are watching a favorite program on the television set, we shop on our laptop or we are engaged in a gaming application on our mobile phone. In addition, many of us are sending text messages about the programs for the next day while also checking the bank accounts online. From the technological point of view, it can be stated that we have evolved into a dual screen nation.

Studies report:

According to a study conducted by Techcrunch, it is found that more Americans these days are spending more time on applications as compared to watching television sets. Reports state the tradition cable television is already suffering loss in the recent months as more and more users are cutting the cord or some of them are not opting to sign up for costly television packages that are filled with channels that they never watch. Also, they are turning towards online streaming services like Amazon and Netflix and reports further adds that an average American nowadays spends around 198 minutes per day inside applications as compared to 168 minutes on television.

Apps taking up our time:

With more and more applications taking up so much of our time nowadays, how to teach a distracted nation not to stay distracted? How can we teach our children to put away from their mobile phones, when they are in a public place or to put their phone on vibration mode in such a place? It is really hard to enforce a respectful rule for others when we do not see that the same respect is followed by us as well. Without any doubt, it is something that should definitely start at home.

Kids these days are treating their mobile phones as their best friends right from texting to chatting on social media is done by them through their mobile phone. So, trying to keep them from getting distracted is almost impossible in the present circumstances. Some parents with these distractions are concerned whether there are any tools that will help them check the messages shared and received by their kids to ensure their safety. They have the right answer in the form of mobile phone spying application like the TheTruthSpy.


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