Kik is one of the social networking sites which was released in 2009, by some students of the Canadian university to improvise the way of communication. Initially, it became a thing of joke among the youth, but instantly it started gaining an immense fan following. It is very simple to use application and provides user interface. People can do regular texting with this app. even its installation is quite easy as you can directly install it from play store. The privacy measures involve only the username email id and date of birth. This is the only reason which made it inappropriate for the users today.

Why Should Parents be Worry of Apps like Kik Messenger
Why Should Parents be Worry of Apps like Kik Messenger

The play store states that people of 18+ can only access to this app. but child of 8 years can also easily install it. There are many controversies by which this app is being surrounded. People even started calling it as a child molester app. People have claimed that kids are forced to perform the activities which they don’t normally do. This can be a big reason to worry for the parents, as they are unaware of the activities of their children on these sites. So to get aware, some preventive measure has to be adopted immediately to know whether their child is on the right path or not?

How can you monitor your child activities?

Monitoring on the activities of your kids these days is an essential thing to do. Children are innocent, they don’t know how to the tackle the situations and to cope up from the. Being concerned parents, it’s your responsibility to provide safe and secure atmosphere for your kid. This can only be made possible if you have knowledge about their day to day activities. By directly asking them or interfering in their lifestyle can make them feel annoyed. To avoid this situation you can install thetruthspy app on your kid’s device without letting him know, and easily keep monitoring on all his activities.

How this TheTruthSpy app will work?

The app needs to get installed in your child device from the provided website. It will immediately start performing the function of recording after its installation. The app comes with various outstanding features which are listed below:-

  • It will monitor all the call recording of the target with exact time duration
  • Provide complete details of browsing history
  • Helpful in tracking the location with GPS tracker
  • You can easily block the unwanted sites to prevent your child from getting affected
  • Have a look on all the incoming and outgoing messages
  • Check on all the emails, received or sent
  • Peep into the multimedia files

These are some of the features which can help you in knowing the workings of your kid. By making use of this app, you can ensure the safety of your child and prevent them from making use of such controversial app that can be a threat to their identity. Without intervening in the privacy of your kids, you can conveniently know their day to day activities.


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