Teens are using the internet vigorously. Today’s teen are more focused on internet usage than their parents. As a parent, you must be aware of all the activities that can be done through the internet. It will safeguard your child’s present and future habits.

Parents are the first teacher for the kids. So they must know how to use the technology which kids are using. Your kids may insist you for a new gadget and other products all times. You must be aware of the functioning of the product. If you do not know, then you have to learn.

How to learn about the internet?

To learn the internet is not a big deal. There is no age for learning. Anyone of us can use the internet. Parents can go to computer classes, or they can hire tutors to teach. They can ask their neighbors; if the neighbor has computer knowledge, they can help.

Nowadays, teens seem to have more knowledgeable about internet activities than their parents. Parents must know the facts of the internet, not more than their children but up to the level of their kid’s knowledge. Parents must be aware of software which will protect children from browsing any adultery sites.

Parents should know about the features which can prevent their child from doing any harmful thing. Parents should ask for internet security antiviruses to protect the computer or a laptop from online viruses and hackers.

How does internet knowledge helpful for the parents?

The knowledge of internet will help you in child’s safety at each and every stage. When you have knowledge about computers and internet usage, then you will be able to guide your teens. Your kids can ask you whenever they need any help.

You can set standards for what your child can do online and set guidelines to restrict the sites like online dating, shopping. You can explain them about internet safety measures like sharing of personal information and details related to banks to their friends or unknown persons.

You can teach your child how to you use the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp. You can guide them about adware, malware, and spyware. They are harmful to your personal data and information. If they play online games, then you can help them in understanding the game’s terms and conditions. There are apps which can be installed in the smartphones to block unusual browsing sites. These apps will automatically detect the unwanted contents like malware and block them.

You can install phone spy apps which will track all the activities of your teens and help you to know about their day-to-day activities. TheTruthSpy app are one of the phone spy apps which monitor all the activities of smartphones (iPhone and Android Devices) like calls details, browsing details, text messages, photo sharing and GPS locations.

If you know how to use the internet, then you can visit online and able to check all the activities of your teen. You have to login to your TheTruthSpy app’s account from your computer to track all the records.


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