These days, there is a considerable increase in provoking issues with kids and women. Particularly young girls are provoked by grown up men, particularly in countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, there is a considerable increase in the number of immigrations these days and many men with not good attitudes have entered other countries like Europe. This has created a whole lot of stress among European women as there is a considerable amount of increase in attempts of grooming and raping.

For instance, recently a man from Afghanistan was arrested accused of having raping a girl again and again. The man was in his mid-20’s and he is accused of have initially sprucing the 13-year old girl over the web and they slowly began to share teasing text messages between them. Then, he made the girl to agree to meet him personally at woodland and it was stated that when he met the girl, he threatened her verbally until she agreed to make love with him. They were making bodily relationship continuously for three months until the girl told her parents about the same. Now, the man is arrested and he now remains in custody. When talking to the press police said, even though, the man did not use any violence; he has verbally threatened the girl and made her agree for what he wanted from her. Many similar cases are happening from around the world and so parents of young boys and girls need to be highly cautious these days about their teen kids. The reason for this is that at this stage, they believe the words of others easily and they get actually attracted to the words of strangers. So, they are at high risk of ill-effects and so parents are recommended to keep an eye on the mobile activities of their kid.

In the above-mentioned instance, it is good that the girl has informed everything to her parents and this made them to take the right action, even though, the rape has happened. If her parents have previously installed a spy application like theTruthSpy, they would have saved the precious life of their little girl. With the GPS tracking facility offered by this application, parents can keep a watch on the places visited by their teen daughter or son, such that if they find a new location, they can keep a close watch to protect the child from any illegal people. Also, with the ability to keep track of the messages, phone calls and social media activities of their child, parents can stay completely safe as they are well-aware of the fact that their child is safe and is with the right friends and not in any inappropriate hand. Cyber bullying can be completely prevented and also with the history of web browsing that can be tracked, parents can be rest assured that the child reaches just the age appropriate sites.


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