The advancement in the technology has brought about some real nice changes in our lives. There are so many services that the mobile phone and the tablets are offering us in the daily life. Our lives have taken some revolutionary turns, and now we are living in a world that is completely connected and has converted the world into the global village. You can contact the person living in the other corner of the earth by just tapping the screen in your hands. One man’s tool may be suicide toys for the others. The spread of the mobile phones and tablets has also involved children and teenagers. Today the technology has infiltrated in our education system too. Nearly all the schools require the student to have its own tablet when it comes to school. The concept of books has also changed a lot. This is only the one side the picture.

The problem

The problem with the technology is that the teen is having access to the tablets before seven years of age. Thus, they have access to all the websites and networks. This may lead them to some inappropriate websites or web content. This is the dilemma of our society and children and getting in grave danger due to this. There were many cases where children got involved in kidnapping due to chatting with the kidnapper not knowingly. There were times when the children were used in the terrorist attacks, and they were used for carrying the bomb to the destination. The rest of the time they were wasting their time and moral values by visiting the sexually explicit sites. All this is just because the children were having the tablet and access to the internet and got involved in these activities. TheTruthSpy is giving you the solution to the problem.

How can this be avoided?

The tablets are not bad at all. Their wrong use leads the children to somewhere they do not have to be. You cannot deny the contribution of the electronic media and devices in the well growth and grooming of today’s student. Thus the tablets must be given to the teen, but the condition is that the parents must be observing the usage. The parents must be having a sharp eye on the activities of the children on the internet or even on tablets. TheTruthSpy is giving you the way in which you can easily do that.


TheTruthSpy is offering you a security check on your child through an app. Once you have this app on your teen tablet, then you can have a sharp eye on it. TheTruthSpy is offering the following services.

  • A complete location of your teen due to GPRS and other tracking systems.
  • Complete log and contents of the messages and calls from the tablet.
  • Monitoring of the other communication applications like Facebook, WhatsApp or Viber, etc.

You can record the voices of the surroundings of your children by recording them through the microphone on the tablet.


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