Since the birth of your child, you might have experienced a whole lot of changes in her until this teenage. Rather than stating just a lot, it should be stated as everything has changed, right? Many of us do not realize these days that some years ago carrying wireless web access and even cameras was not very common. But, nowadays, with the ever-open society that is always ready to check a status update or for sharing experiences with the world, many of us literally forget the time when we have turned as addicts to pressing buttons and getting instant happiness. Present parents of young teenagers when they gave birth to their child might not have heard about digital cameras, Facebook and high speed web access. They were not equipped with digital cameras to capture each and every movement of their little kid.

Nowadays, mobile phones have turned out to be multipurpose pocket tools and in the present circumstances many things like wired phone lines and desktop computers are on their way to trash bin. Nowadays, children are getting instant access to high-speed web access and multi-touch screen devices and the ability to communicate freely is turning out to be uncomfortably unnatural in the present circumstances. The present day kids cannot thing of a world without these devices and their boldness towards suitable use of technology is somewhat different as compared to their parents, who grew up without tablets and smartphones. With this technological advancement parents of teen girls find it highly difficult to handle their girls. Here are some tips for these parents:

Check her selfies:

With their experience, parents would be well-aware of the fact that pictures are truly worth thousand words. Teenagers these days take selfies as a means of sharing their emotions with others at any given time. Just check the latest selfies and status update of your young lady. Here are certain things to be remembered by parents when their girl has great social media connections:

Your girl is still a child:

As her parent, you will be the initial person your daughter adds when she makes a new profile page or when she installs a new messaging application. Check whether your girl is sharing too much on social media, so that you can help her in adjusting privacy settings. Of course, your girl might have figured it out earlier, but as a parent, you can review her decisions.

Stay involved, just not online:

Teenagers generally love to share their online space with their friends and they do not want each of their parents to present in the network. Even though, you can see all her conversations and posts, it is better to refrain yourself from joining with her in her circles. You can talk with her directly about any news article or videos shared by her friends and this will encourage open conversations and will also help with building trust. This will also showcase her that you are not trying to get into her personal life.


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