iPhone can be considered as quite a nice and classy phone. It has some of the unique and classical features. If used properly, it will make you feel like you have the whole world right in your hand. The classical look, stylish design, attractive colors make it the most elegant looking phone ever. At the same time the high-speed performance, perfect quality of the camera and screen resolution and power options make it the best performance phone. Having such a phone has consequences, and in the case of iPhone 7, it is the price. The iPhone 7 is quite an expensive phone, and you are paying a fortune to buy it. In this case, you must be having the proper security of your phone. The phone must be secured by any trustworthy application. There must be a complete set of features that are working simultaneously to avoid any mishap with your phone. TheTruthSpy is the way you can secure your phone and can ensure that nothing bad is going to happen to your phone.

Security of the new iPhone 7

First of all, there are some initial procedures that must be carried out after the unboxing of the new iPhone 7.

  • All the initial paperwork and documentations must be carried out efficiently, thus the phone becomes officially yours, and you can easily claim your phone in case of any mishap.
  • Your phone must be registered to the online account of the iPhone, so that in the case of any theft or misplace you can request the company to locate your phone for you.
  • The iPhone 7 must have its security options enabled so that even if you have your phone, you can trace it easily and find it anywhere.

What the TheTrueSpy can do?

TheTruthSpy is a spy software that can work on your iPhone and help you trace and locate it. At the same time, you can have the complete knowledge of what is going on with your phone. There are many features in TheTruthSpy that allow you to have a complete check on your phone. Here are some of the features that will help you in tracking your phone.

  • With the complete tracking of your phone using the GPRS, you can trace your phone anywhere anytime.
  • TheTruthSpy allows you to read the messages on your phone. The complete log and content of the sent and received messages can be checked. This will help you to know whether someone is messing with your phone.
  • The voices around your phone can also be recorded and heard, and you can know that who is trying to mess up with your phone.
  • TheTruthSpy has a unique feature of recording the data that you tap on your phone. This is the best technique that is ever introduced by any security app. You can track a message before it can be sent.

If someone is messing with your phone and making a mess of your emails, then you can know it at once by the mail tracking system of TheTruthSpy.


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