The internet is a basic necessity today. It is more than a luxury and is so common it can be accessed from basically anywhere. The important thing to know is that the internet is more than just information and knowledge, or even entertainment. There is a part of the internet you do not want your child to get to. You want to make sure that your kids do not cross that thin line between useful content and malicious content over the internet. And that line is very easy to cross. Not only that, you do not want your kids to be the target of cyber bullying, stalking, fake offers and schemes or any other dangers of the internet. Internet predators are increasing in number by the day and cybercrimes has become separate branch of the law just because of the large number of crimes taking place over the internet. It is very easy nowadays to lure children into giving their personal details over the internet. Such details such as the home address, phone number, and credit card or bank statements can be easily extracted from kids nowadays without even putting in any effort. Predators just put up an attractive offer and ask for these details under the guise of ‘signing up’.

Therefore, you need something in hand that will allow you to keep track of the different kinds of activities your child is going through at any given time point. In such a case you cannot rely on the basic details of checking the browser history or even some random software. What you need is specialized software that uses the state of the art programming system that helps you keep in touch with all of the different kinds of programs and websites that your child keeps looking at. That is where TheTruthSpy comes into the picture. TheTruthSpy has a multitude of functions, one of which is to keep a track of the browser history in a way that cannot be erased by anyone. You will not only be able to keep a track of the different kinds of websites that your child is visiting, but you will also have the date and time stamp of the site when it was visited so that you can figure out exactly when your child went to that particular website. Other than that, another added feature of this software is that you will also have information about how many times your child has visited a website. This will allow you to easily keep a track of the frequency with which your child is visiting a website, and can help you differentiate between an accidental visit to a website, say through a pop up ad or an unwanted click, and the deliberate visit to a website.

All this information will allow you to easily determine how much you need to regulate the internet privileges of your child at any given point. This will give you more power and you can finally be at ease knowing that you have something to rely on


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