If you are the caring mom or dad of a teenager, it is important that you should keep yourself aware of certain code terms used on the web. Even though, your teenager might be in this world for long, he/she might not be aware of the actual meaning of certain terms and if they accept, there are great chances of your kid getting into wrong path or he/she can get caught in the wrong hands. So, it is better to keep yourself aware of certain terms used as code terms in the social networking world and also it is important to know whether your kid converses after knowing the real meaning of the term. Otherwise, you can alert him or her, so that he/she can stay safe.

Certain things cannot be discussed openly:

As most of us know, certain things cannot be discussed openly and this is why code words are used. If an individual asks your daughter can you come for Netflix and chill tonight, she should not accept thinking that the boy is calling her to watch movies on Neflix. The reason is that this is a term used for a different purpose. So, when you are silently watching the online conversations of your teenager, it is important that you should develop your knowledge on certain terms used in the web world, such that you can alert your daughter or even when she accepts with the knowledge, you can explain her about the ill-effects in a friendly manner, such that she will understand your concern as a parent.

What does it actually mean?

So, as mentioned earlier, Netflix and chill does not involve watching movies on Netflix, but it is different and what is it, let us learn here:

In general, there terms are written in the social media world as ‘I thought you said Netflix and chill’ or ’20 minutes on Netflix and chill’. This is an internet slang used for inviting someone over to one’s house for sexual purposes. In social media this slang is generally used as hashtags or image macros in social media and not as terms. So, rather than searching for the term in your teenager’s conversations, search for appropriate image macros and hashtags to warn her.


So, being a caring mom or dad of a teenager, it is your responsibility to keep a watch in your kid. The reason is that teenager has many distractions these days as compared to what it was some years ago. Your atmosphere as a teenager was different from what is presently being experienced by your son or daughter. Even though, you can use a spying application on the phone of your son/daughter, you should not show him/her in any way that you are being watched. There are chances that this will create distrust in her mind for you. So, handling a teenager is something that should be done carefully.


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