Release date and Brief overview

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the latest version of Android operating system. This version was first disclosed in May 2015 and primarily it was called as Android M. The update was officially released by Google in October 2015. This latest android version will focus on improving the overall user friendliness compared to Lollipop version. But like previous versions Google’s Nexus got the update first during September 2015. And Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were launched by Google with Android Marshmallow version. For all other Android devices the update came in October 2015.

Marshmallow will have new architectural permissions, newly designed power management system to improve battery life, new APIs which provides contextual assistants, fingerprint recognition support system, USB type C connectors, app data storage in SD card, and many more. A survey showed that till April 2016, 4.6 percent of Android users are using Marshmallow version.

Android 6.0 Designing

The newly designed Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be very similar with its previous version (Android 5.0 Lollipop). The main areas like settings, navigation, and notifications are same as Android 5.0. But Google’s material design language is distributive throughout the new version. There are some differences in appearance and addition of some features is done in the Marshmallow version which is discussed below.

How does the Setting shortcut look?

From now onwards you can create shortcuts for particulars settings like display or battery. The shortcuts icons look same as settings icon but there is another layer of visual representation for identification of particular setting type.

Lock screen and voice search

The lock screen of the new Android version is almost same to Lollipop. The lock screen will have app shortcuts and expandable notification. The dialer shortcut at bottom corner is replaced by voice search icon. The voice search has got a new look, four colored dots in the screen rotates in waveform when your voice is identified by the device. Users can also launch apps through the new voice recognition system.

Home screen

The home screen is almost same with Lollipop version, changes in icons and search bar is noticed. Voice recognition icon is also present in the home screen. Google Now icon is present at the left side of the screen and you have to press it for longer time to open. Apps can be launched from home screen with the help of voice command, recent apps, app icons, or from the newly designed app drawer.

App drawer

The Marshmallow version has couple of changes in the app drawer. With the new update you can scroll through the list or new scrubber bar, from where you can select the particular alphabet. The apps are arranged with time of use, frequency of accessing, etc. which helps the user to find the required app instantly. Like previous version you can drag apps to home screen and you will also have the uninstall option while moving the app.


Android Marshmallow can be described as an improvement of Lollipop version, because it does not have any major changes. The main things in which developers concentrated for developing Marshmallow is user friendliness; the new OS makes the Android use much easier. The new 6.0 Android version also improved in term of performance, features, and battery life.


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