There is an increasing attraction towards online shopping in different parts of the world and this holds true among kids as well. A recent warning issued by the Britain Police can be highly fearful for parents from this part of the world. The police department has issued a statement claiming that more and more kids under 10 years of age are being caught when they were trying to buy guns online.

Official sources:

As per the official sources, a Chief Constable Mr. Dave Thompson from Britain has stated that kids as young as 10 years have been arrested recently for crimes related to firearms. He also added that in the recently past children were committing serious guns crimes without any intention and they buy the legal weapons like gun for committing the crimes over the web. Also, he has added that some of them have bought these weapons not from the local online sites, but from foreign sites. When talking about the kids arrested under this category, he revealed an alarming number of 1500 kids, who were arrested for firearms crimes right from the year 2013.

Parents should keep an eye:

When some parents these days have provided children with their credit card details, some have provided their bank account details to their child. With the help of these details, kids just shop from online sites, while some of them choose cash on delivery option, such that parents will pay for the items that they shop over the web as soon as the item is delivered to their doorsteps. When the items arrive at their doorsteps as a surprise, parents just start worrying about the huge expenses made by their son/daughter, while even there are parents, who encourage their child to shop over the web.

Parents should take corrective action:

It is the responsibility of the parents to keep a watch on the expenses made by the child. They are recommended not to provide their credit or debit card and bank account details to their kid. Also, when the kid orders cash on delivery, they are recommended to warn the child not to do it again without their knowledge. It is also suggested that parents should keep a watch on the web activities of their child with the help of a spy application like TheTruthSpy. Parents can get complete details of the websites visited by the child through his/her smartphone just by installing this application on the phone of the child. This application will work on the backdrop without the knowledge of the kid and will keep sending log details of each and every activity taking place in the phone. In addition, with this application, parents can remotely block the websites that they feel that their child should not visit. Besides blocking age inappropriate sites, they can also block the shopping sites, such that the kid will not place order for age in-appropriate items without their knowledge.


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