Android and iPhone are the latest of the craze for the teenagers and one can successfully say that all these devices are being used by the larger population of the youngsters, who are school goers mostly. One could easily access from such a situation that this generation is devoting a larger part of their time to these devices and are more inclined to make virtual friends than real time friends. With the availability of various games and applications, the phones are getting smarter and more interesting, and this is affecting the metal health and the growth of the child in a major way and much more dangerously than you can imagine. These two categories of phones, no matter how sophisticated they are, have been consistently upgrading themselves and this is causing a big leap in the sector of technology and no matter how much it helps in making daily activities more easier, they also are responsible for making sure that we are more and more detached from the real world and are almost the slaves of the virtual enterprises.

Steeping up the parental guard

Now since children are becoming more and more prone to the sensitivity of these two devices and this in turn is making it more difficult for the parents to get control of the lives of their dear ones. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that you have some amount of authority on them, so as to make sure that they are not the victims of the virtual world, in any of the ways that may harm their lives. Therefore to help the parents and the worried guardians, the remote accessing softwares are coming up. With the help of such applications, you can gain control over the calls and the text messages and even the files and the images that are stored in the phones. This is one way you can monitor the child activities and make sure that they are not involved in any such actions that will make the incident regrettable later.

Ensuring safety measures on the devices

However apart from the monitoring and the spying part, one of the most essential things that you can do is install malware protections on the phones so that they are safe from applications that will unknowingly extract data from the phone and then release it to third party interested members. You can block a number of websites that need not be viewed by the children and thus in turn block those site from the phone, so that knowingly or unknowingly, they cannot have access to pages that is likely to harm their perceptions and get them involved in cases which will be difficult to guard.

Thus do make sure that you have installed ample of protection software on your phone, so as to save your children for the hands of cyber bullies and situations that can get them into trouble. With remote access, you can read contact histories, WhatsApp messages, history of websites, listen to call recording and may more. All these features and more will allow you to get the required amount of control that you need to make sure that your child is safe and secure from the threats of the virtual world.


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