Summary: If you are like many other employers, who are concerned about too much texting of your employees, here are some tips on how to keep employees from texting too much.

Most employers from around the world are concerned that their employees are getting distracted with their mobile phones while at work. In most cases, many of them get their employees caught red-handed and when they ask employees about the same, they state that they are texting something related to work. Even though, employers are concerned about this issue, they are not in a position to terminate the service of an employee, just because they are satisfied with his work performance and do not want to lose him or do not want to reduce the employee strength. Even though, some employers think that they can take away the mobile phone from employees during work hours and can hand over at the end of the office hours, this technique cannot suit all business environment. Here are some tips that will help employers in identifying how to keep employees from texting too much during work hours:

Management of messaging:

To manage employees from too much texting during work hours, companies these days frame policies according to which, if an employee is caught texting, he will be warned verbally during the first time. Then, again, if he is caught, a written warning should be sent to him. Again, in third time if the same employee is caught, he should be given termination letter.

Besides reducing the productivity, texting for personal purpose also increases the risk of accidents at workplace, when it comes to working in machines. Not just distraction, sometimes, the employees do not feel like working further, when they face something wrong during conversations and texting through their mobile phone. So, it is a real challenge for employers to manage employees from texting.

Texting as the important communication medium:

As most youngsters use texting as the important communication medium, it will create a panic environment in the work arena, if they are prevented from messaging. There are chances that not permitting the employees from texting can also result in reduction in production, besides texting. So, this is something that should be handled carefully. So, what can be done?

Spy application can come handy:

When an employer issues mobile phones to employees for business use, they can install mobile spying application like TheTruthSpy on the phone and should also inform about the same to employees. They should be informed that their activities are being monitored and so it is better not to indulge in too much personal conversations and texting during work hours, unless and until the matter is important.

When the employees are kept informed that they are being watched through TheTruthSpy application, they will automatically restrict themselves from texting during work hours and will use the break time for the same. This application will also help employers from always watching the employees and often worrying about waste of time by employees during work hours.


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