Summary: If you are a mom concerned about the applications that your child use on his/her phone, here are some details that will help to ensure your child’s safety.

When the internet access was first introduced, parents were able to have better control over the activities of their kids on the web, just because there was only a single system in home. But, nowadays, with the availability of internet for mobile phones and with the availability of laptops and tablets for each and every individual at home, it is turning out to be highly difficult for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their kids on mobile phone and internet. Furthermore, smartphones these days provide access to a wide range of application to children and this increases the concern of parents, particularly the parents of teenage kids are highly worried. So, they have the question how to keep the app usage of their child safe.

Concern of parents rightly met:

Understanding the concern of parents, many app development companies these days have developed spying or monitoring app that will be of great help to parents. When the parents install such an application like TheTruthSpy on the mobile phone of their child, they will be in a position to get complete details about the activities taking place in the mobile phone, inclusive of the app used by their son/daughter.

What can spying app do for parents?

When parents choose TheTruthSpy, they can ensure the safe usage of mobile phone by their child in the following ways:

  • They can manage calls: This means that they can get to see the details about the incoming and outgoing calls with the duration and time of each and every call. If they find that there are calls frequently from a particular number, they can choose to record any call in good quality MP3 file format.
  • Tract text messages: With this facility offered by TheTruthSpy, parents will be in a position to keep track of all the text messages sent and received through the phone. Even, if the child has deleted a particular message from the phone after reading, parents will be in a position to view the content of the message.
  • Track location of the device: Most parents of teenage children are highly concerned whether the child regularly attends the tuition classes after school hours. To address this concern, the spying software provides details about the location of the phone.
  • App usage: In addition to viewing the URLs of the websites visited through the web browser in the phone, parents will also be in a position to gather details about the app usage done through the phone. With this facility, parents can find whether their son/daughter has used useful educational apps and safe gaming applications and has not used any unsafe entertainment options.

Besides these facilities, when the right monitoring app like TheTruthSpy is chosen, parents will also be in a position to view details about the multimedia files like photos shared through the phone and many other details to ensure the safety of their son/daughter.


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