There have been rumors that ios jailbreak tools are out in the market and it will remove restrictions imposed by iOS. Well, it is not a rumor, and it is 100% truth. If you don’t know what exactly jailbreaking is? Then let me explain you its meaning. jailbreaking is a process in which exploits software is used to jailbreak or remove software restrictions. Through jailbreaking, accessing ios file system become easy. Users can now download any application, extensions or manager on Apple app store.

There are some jailbreaking applications introduced. Pangu teamwork developed Pangu app, and it works excellent on an ios device. Besides this, Mac or Pc is no more required as this single app is capable and competent of jailbreaking ios 10. Those who are used to jailbreaking applications can easily download it on their existing device. Follow the below mention steps for downloading Pangu:

  • At first, on your iPad or iPhone select Safari browser and then launch it. Make sure that your 10.1.1 firmware is running.
  • Next, considered website as this is specially meant for downloading app icon. After launching this site, the entire page will display on your device screen. Also, do not disturb the loading process as it has to be load completely.
  • In the next step, go to the ‘UP’ arrow mentioned on the bottom of your iPhone. For iPad users, it is one the top right side.
  • Select ‘add to home screen’ option and then proceed further.
  • Finally downloading process completed plus Pangu 10.1.1 is installed on your iPhone. Now, start using it.

If you have been thinking about bypassing the restriction on your ios device then with Pangu, you can have access to all unauthorized applications of Apple operating system. Also, here are the benefits of using Pangu.

Explore the new app world

There have been limited number of applications which can be downloaded through iTunes app. This will limit your choices and let you use only selected applications. But when you jailbreak your device, you are free to download any application.

Free tethering

Have you ever thought about using your ios 10 device as a Wi-Fi or broadband modem? Thanks to the jailbreaking applications as now you can able to access the internet by connecting your device to it. But sometimes this feature is not for free as the user need to empty their wallet. Well, MyWi application is unauthorized and thus required no charges.

Offer customized options

Iphone comes with limited themes but now it’s time for your device to be jailbroken. Through it, one can alter and change their phone icons, dock, wallpapers, etc. This will entirely change your device appearance, and you can have something new to display. Well, you can use a separate app for this purpose, but it might not work well on your iPad. Pangu is the only one that is compatible with almost all ios 10 devices.

Ios file system can be accessed

Knowing about your device’s inner working is not just fun, but it is useful in many ways, for example, you can share sensitive data between two different devices. So, it is not important to have the same platform for the exchange of information. For this purpose, SSH software might be best. SSH stands for the Secure Shell but not better than Pangu.

These benefits will make a user to use their phone as the way they want without any restrictions. But with these advantages, there are some limitations of jailbreaking:

  • Jailbreaking makes your device vulnerable to malware and virus. Such applications have removed the security wall built by Apple.
  • Your device will not remain active as it was before jailbreaking. This is because; your device operating system has been changed entirely and manipulated.
  • Instability is another limitation of jailbreaking as it makes your device useless after some time.

Is jailbreaking legal?

For U.S. citizens, this is not illegal as U.S government makes jailbreaking legal. On the other hand, in some countries this is illegal. If you caught using jailbreaking applications, then you will be in a big trouble and have to face legal charges.  Besides this, Apple will not be liable to fix any malfunction or malware caused due to jailbreaking. So, their users are responsible for such acts and have to deal with the technical problem on their own.

iOS jailbreaking might be a good option for many users, but it comes with numerous disadvantages. So, think about your device stability at first and think multiple times before going for jailbreaking.


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