In 2007, Mr. Steve Jobs introduced to the world the greatest operating system ever which we today call the iOS. Apple’s iPhone was released on January 9th, 2007 with iOS as its operating system. Since then it has only grown in its popularity and market base. It’s not wrong to say that iOS has redefined the whole world of mobile computing. There are several reasons why this mobile phone became a giant in the market; one among them is that Apple has continuously evolved its software for giving its costumers a better experience.

From iOS 1 to iOS 10: How Apple's iPhone OS has evolved since 2007
From iOS 1 to iOS 10: How Apple’s iPhone OS has evolved since 2007

Apple has become the most successful mobile companies in the world, and its credit goes to its fantastic operating system. It has been 10 years since the release of Apple devices, and its ownership has become a matter of pride now. The first three products that were released by Apple were its iPod, the revolutionary mobile phone and amazing internet communication devices. With the growth in its product range and market, Apple kept updating its operating system. It has made it better and better every time, and this is the reason why there has been no match found to apple products till date.

It began with iOS 1 and has reached to iOS 11 now. With each update, the company tries to make its mobile enhanced and superior. For the proof of this revolutionary updating, let us take our eye back to the date when this operating software was first released and how it has changed in the last decade.

iOS 1.0- what made it different?

The mobile had a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen which was designed for multi-touch operation. This made the iPhone faster and better than any other competitor. It carried the bestest version of the Google maps and a vastly enhanced mobile internet window. There were a lot more breathtaking features that made this mobile win an editor’s choice award with a 4.5 score out of 5.

iOS 2.0- applications, entertainment, and the internet made it better

The second version of iOS came out in July 2008 and brought the best experience of apps with it. The Apple introduced its app store and SDK. As it gave the best in the era of applications, this iOS version became the first choice of mobile app developers.

iOS 3.0- brought the best ever features

With this version of iOS, the company loaded the iPhone users with different features in abundance. Some of the best features introduced were the parental control feature, tap to focus on the camera, push notifications and a lot more. The iOS 3.2 was also released, but it was only for the iPad.

iOS 4.0- a lot more outstanding features again

The features of any mobile phone give it edge over its competitors. This version of iOS gave its users wide range of different features which were not available in any other mobile phones of that time. The video calls, multitasking, unified email, universal spell check, etc. were the features that gave it huge popularity. Within few months of this update, the company introduced few more updates from 4.0.1 to 4.3 to overcome the short comings and introducing few more features.

iOS 5.0- one of the most important updates

The virtual assistant in the mobile known as Siri captured the attention of the whole world. Along with it, there were several other outstanding improvisations of wireless cloud sync and iCloud. This made iPhone better than another device.

iOS 6.0- baby steps towards passbook and Facebook

This version was unveiled in the year 2012. There were some improvements as usual and some fabulous features to add on. There were Facebook integration and Passbook app too.

iOS 7.0- got rid of the old look

With this version, the iPhone was released in an all new refreshed look. There were a new color pallet, animated backgrounds, advanced design and much more. It also came with some more features and updates of Safari and Siri.

iOS 8- family sharing and Apple pay

iOS 8 was arrived in 2014 and included an enhanced keyboard and an improved overall monitoring. It enabled the users to share information with their family and use a convenient payment option with Apple pay. iOS 8.2- iOS 8.4 was introduced with Apple pay and Apple music.

iOS 9.0- a better user experience with updated smart Siri

This version came with all the basic improvement like an improved camera smart Siri and facility of news and notes.

iOS 10.0- better pictures and improved UI

Along with the improvements, this version let the users interact with third parties too. Apps like Whatsapp uber could be used with iOS 10.

iOS 11- things to come

Apple enabled the peer to peer transactions with Apple pay, it made various other improvements in its features and introduced public beta.


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