Hide icon

If you can still keep target device on your hand, you can tap on button Hide Icon TheTruthSpy on interface of application and wait some seconds.  It will hide icon of TheTruthSpy from screen of device.
If you wait more than 10 seconds and the icon still appears, please restart your device to make sure.

If you cannot take the device on your hand, you can go to user control panel at http://my.thetruthspy.com and login with your account.  Go to menu Settings/Sync Settings and scroll down the page, you can see a check box “Hide icon“.  Ticks on  checkbox and wait a moment it will synchronize the settings to target device and then it will hide icon on the screen of device.

 Show icon

In order to show icon of TheTruthSpy, you can make a call with your access code.  Default access code is #2013*.  You can change this value for your security at user control panel http://my.thetruthspy.com
Notes: in Android device, it shows interface of TheTruthSpy application, does not show the icon again.

Hope this helps you to answer your question how to show/hide icon TheTruthSpy



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