Remote Control and SMS Command with TheTruthSpy

I/ Remote Control

To use Remote Control (Push Notification), you must Register Account on TheTruthSpy.

For Android OS: Download Mobile Spy Android

For iOS (iPhone/iPad): Download Mobile Spy iPhone/iPad

1/ Save & Sync Now

– Login account to Control Panel TheTruthSpy (

– Click Settings->Sync Settings, and click Save & Sync Now( after change function on Sync Settings) to make a synchronize between server/target devices IMMEDIATELY.

Remote Control and SMS Command with TheTruthSpy

2/ Get GPS Now

– Login account to Control Panel TheTruthSpy (

– Click GPS History and click Get GPS Now to get GPS location immediately (send GPS to your phone) IMMEDIATELY.

II/ SMS Command

Detail SMS Command:

This table shows all TheTruthSpy SMS commands and shows it is available in iOS and Android platforms.


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