Though rooting is the best method to hack someone’s device but many users neglect it to save phone warranty. User finds the way to hack someone’s device without using a rooting method. They do not have to be worried about this phenomenon. You can find a number of applications which help you to hack Android, Windows and iOS mobile phones. To hack someone’s mobile or their social networking sites such as Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp and else you have to download the spy application. Many of the spy software are available in the app store, but all these are not trusted, some of them are fake and not working. Only 10 to 15 spy software which is trusted and provides about 99% accuracy in hacking.

How to hack Facebook messages without rooting
How to hack Facebook messages without rooting

The iOS and Android applications are attached to their central account that is known as the system account. For example, if you have iOS device then needs to make I cloud account. It recognizes your device and helps to make other social accounts. Social accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat and else are attached to the system account. The best hacking tool that means the TruthSpy is the best option you have to hack someone’s system account. It can hack the system account, and you have the option to have administration on the victim’s device.

What are the benefits of using spy software?

  • It can help to monitor your kid
  • It offers us to know the browsing history of the browser. If the victim does not use applications but the browser to operate Facebook, then it provides the browsing history.
  • Email detail you8 may get the use log in their email account
  • Cal history you can easily access if you have TruthSpy in your device
  • It is the best way to hack someone’s Facebook account without using victim’s phone.
  • It allows a user to complete hacking without rooting to protect device warranty.
  • It can able to show the current location of the user because it includes the GPS enabled options.

Facebook is a wide spread social networking site which links people who is far from you. Want to know someone’s social activity then need to hack their Facebook account. In many methods, you need to have victim’s mobile but the TruthSpy does not need. The social networking site helps you to send audio or video files, chatting options, sharing pictures and much more.

How to hack facebook account

People usually have the Facebook application to easily chat with friends. Hence the parents interested to know their kid’s activity on Facebook. Sometimes they addicted in unwanted activities so parents want to access their information and prevent them to do unwanted activities. The spy tool offers you to place some required information such as the username. The spy tool is an internet based application which can find the victim’s account and then decrypt the required information. After sending the Facebook messages, the data get encrypted with software. So the TheTruthSpy can decrypt the conversation. It is easy to hack someone’s mobile phone without rooting or having victim’s phone.


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