Great Android Lollipop Features You Will Surely Love
Great Android Lollipop Features You Will Surely Love

If you use an Android phone or tablet, you might be very much satisfied with the performance of the operating system in your device. The excellent thing about Android operating system as against iOS from Apple is that it will be possible for the users to download and to install third party applications, which in turn will be of great help in enhancing the performance of their smartphone or tablet. Google keeps updating and upgrading their operating system to provide a better experience to the users. Now, even though Android Marshmallow is the latest operating system for Android devices and even free upgrade is presently available, it has not reached all countries. This is why most people, who own Android Lollipop operating system wish to continue with the same. Also, the best features of Android Lollipop operating system makes them stick to this version of the operating system. Let us explore the features of Android Lollipop operating system:

Refreshed notification system:

The refreshed notification system in Android Lollipop is something attractive. With this feature, individual notifications are displayed on cards to hold to the material design language. The app that produced them can group the batches of notifications. In this version of Android operating system, notifications are displayed on the lock screen in the form of cards. Even, heads up notifications can be displayed in the form of large banners across the top of the screen along with their appropriate action buttons. Also, added for notifications is the “do-not-disturb” feature. To represent the apps that are kept open, the latest applications menu has been redesigned by Google as a three-dimensional stack of cards.

Improved battery performance:

This version of the Android operating system also aims at improving battery consumption as Google has introduced a series of optimizations in the name of ‘Project Volta’. Yes, there is a new battery saver mode. On this mode, job scheduling APIs will restrict some tasks to only happen through Wi-Fi. There is a new developer tool known as battery historian and this tool will help with tracking the battery consumption level when the applications are in use.

More than 500 New APIs:

This feature makes this operating system, the right choice for developers. Applications on this operating system can use more than 5000 new APIs. For instance, it will now be possible to save photos in a raw image format.

Android for work:

In this version of Android operating system, Google has also introduced a number of enterprise-oriented and system-level features under the banner called ‘android for work’. Google has used its own technology for the division of work-oriented and personal data on the device along with accompanying APIs for effective management of the environment. When they are in proximity to a reliable Wi-Fi, users need not have to perform device unlocking with a pin or a pattern as the operating system brings the smart lock feature.

All these features make Android Lollipop an excellent operating system and now you can install a reliable spying application like TheTruthSpy to get a complete backup of all that happens through your phone.


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