Many of us these days are aware of the GPS feature in our smartphones. GPS is something that stands for Global Positioning System and it is a system that helps in providing us the right direction when we are driving. The important task of this system is to locate the position. This means that when you have a GPS system in your car and when you are away from the vehicle, you can easily identify the whereabouts of the vehicle. Parents these days are showing interest towards GPS tracking of their kids just to know about their whereabouts. In the present circumstances, where both parents are working in most families, it becomes highly difficult for parents to know the whereabouts of their children, particularly teen kids and they are worried whether the boy or girl is attending the school and evening classes correctly and not bunking them. So, they feel that GPS tracking feature is a hot favorite for them to stay in complete peace of mind.

Spying application can help:

Besides knowing the whereabouts of their kid in real-time, parents can get to know the complete history of the GPS location of their child with the help of spying application called theTruthSpy. All that it is to be done by parents is to get hold of the phone of their kid only once. Just within a short time, they can install the spying application on the phone. Once the installation is done, they can do everything right from activating the application to tracking not just GPS location, but also phone calls, messages, web access and also social networking conversation of their child done through the mobile phone remotely. More importantly, this application installed on the phone of the kid will function 100% undetectably and will continue to save details about all the actions taking place on the phone to the online control panel. Parents can just login with the help of the user ID and password they receive when activating the application through a computer or mobile phone with internet connection to view all the details pertaining to their child’s phone remotely.

About GPS tracking feature in TheTruthSpy:

As mentioned earlier, parents can gather details about the complete history of the locations of the target phone. With this feature, parents can:

  • View a list of locations the user of the phone has travelled with the phone.
  • They can get location details like longitude and latitude of the places visited.
  • They can get time and date details on which the child has visited a particular spot like his friend’s house.

In addition, with this application on the mobile phone of the child, parents can also listen to the surrounding sounds of the location of the phone on real-time by calling up their child.

With these facilities offered by a spying application, GPS tracking is truly a hot cake for parents to lead a peaceful life.


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