New technology is always on the introduction in the present circumstances. Even established companies and social networks are also introducing new technologies to provide better experience to their members. This holds true in the case of Facebook as well. Now, it is announced that this social networking giant is planning to introduce an application that is similar to that of SnapChat. Even though, this is excellent news for Facebook users, particularly teens, it is a matter of concern for parents. The reason is that similar to SnapChat, it will enable users to stream live videos and photos. Parents are worried that their child should not get exposed to some porn content that can mislead their life. But, TheTruthSpy can help parents to stay calm in this situation.

How will TheTruthSpy help?

This spying application already lets parents to view all Facebook chat conversations that take place through the phone of their teen son/daughter. With this application, parents can hack the Facebook account of their kid and can spy on the messages shared through this social networking site through the smartphone of their son/daughter. With this social networking site, they can:

  • View all Facebook chat conversations
  • They can find out of the names of the people with whom the kid is chatting
  • Also, they can get the time and date of the chat conversations
  • In addition, they can get access to any audio, video and photos shared through Facebook chat and saved on the phone of their son/daughter.
  • All the Facebook chat conversations made through the phone are automatically uploaded to the online control panel of theTruthSpy, such that parents can access them from any computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Now, even after the introduction of Snap-chat like application, parents can stay calm, even if they have already installed this spying application on the phone of their child. The reason for this is that the application will help parents to gather details about the live videos and photos streamed through the new application via Facebook. When parents get to know that their son/daughter shares or gets some inappropriate videos and photos, they can just talk to the kid in this regard, such that he/she can be protected from any inappropriate friendships.

Why do parents need such a spying application?

The best spying application like TheTruthSpy can be of great help to parents in ensuring the safety of their kid in the present distracting social media world. As compared to the children of previous generation, the present day teens have a wide range of distractions and parents alone can lead them in the right path and this tool can come handy for them in this regard. So, parents just need to be aware of the introduction of snap-chat like app by Facebook, but they need not be concerned when they have the reliable spying application like TheTruthSpy.


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