Reports state that nearly 3 percent of teenagers these days are equipped with smartphones. When it comes to means of communication through their mobile phones, most of them follow messaging as the important form of communication. When it comes to connecting to an infinite number of people, communication has turned out to be quieter and more private. Also, they converse about a wide range of topics in any time of the day and even at nights. With the increasing number of teenagers engaged in texting and social networking these days, psychologists have started to study the text messaging habits in combination with educational functions with a view to identify any effect that might have been brought about on one’s ability with text messaging habit. The result of the study was that there is a correlation between not being able to function well in educational arena, when text messaging at the same time.

Things have changed:

Nowadays, a wide range of things have changed about how teenagers and even adults view phones and forms of communication. The concept of text messaging started with pages as a means of wirelessly sending messages with minimal consumption of bandwidth. The reason for mobile phones and smartphone emerging these days is that besides being an affordable and popular means of communication, the discreet nature of this type of communication and also the users are able to visually edit the words before actually sending them. In addition to mobile phone texting, social media applications like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all operate from cell phones and they perform the similar functions as text messaging services.

Changes in relationship:

With texting, there is a change in the level of human relationships with each other and this mode has transferred our relationship over phone. For instance, for an individual, who sends and receives dozens of messages each day will turn out to be familiar with an alert or ring tone that someone has sent something important and it is worth to check immediately. The phone itself these days is turning out to be an object of attention that naturally turns into a habit of diverting attention away from the thing that we should focus in our lives. With ‘always on’ social environment, many teens these days are turning out to be smartphone and web dependents.

Web addiction:

Smartphone dependence and web addiction happens when someone feels that an internet connection is important in every situation. An obsessive smartphone user will keep checking social media sites for updates and turn out frustrated when the ability to check messages instantly is taken out even for a smaller amount of time. Besides leading to unproductive habits, this type of addiction is known to block the learning ability in teenagers by contributing towards poor knowledge retention and short attention spans.

Even though, using smartphone and social media sites are normal and generally harmless, when something becomes much of an obsession, it can bring an ill-effect on the academic performance of your teenager. So, it is the responsibility of parents to take care of the same.


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