An employer hires an employee to increase its productivity and to develop the business. If one of your employees misuses the facilities and uses it for personal benefits then, it may hamper your future productivity and performances in the market. There are software and apps used to monitor employee behaviors and activities during working hours. You can do computer monitoring, video surveillance, telephone tapping, location tracking and phone spying.

How does software help to monitor employee activities?

When you want to watch workers activities, then you need cameras to be installed in that particular area of work. You need compatible software to support the camera connectivity on your personal computer. You can monitor the activities along with their conversations. If you want to address the conversation, then you need to record all the voice calls and text messages.

It is time-consuming to check cellphones from one employee to other and track their personal phone records. There are phone spy apps for tracking all the records like call details, text messages, and browsing history. The records will be delivered to you directly via internet on your phone spy app account, and you can get all details of your employees anytime.

If you want to monitor activities of cellphones (like iPhones or Android devices) provided by you to the employees then, TheTruthSpy is one of the popular apps used to track multiple records like social network activities, call details, text messages, GPS tracking and browsing details.

How can employee monitoring be helpful?

You need to monitor your employee for private reasons. There are rules and regulations which you mention to your employees as company policies to follow. So, by controlling these activities, you can maintain the dignity of your business. The purpose of use of such gadgets will be retained and:

  • The productivity of the company will increase
  • The idle time can be managed
  • There is no need for future investigations of major issues
  • Customer handling via phone calls will increase
  • No long personal phone calls

The unusual talks and discussions between your employee and a third person can be tracked. When your employee needs to travel for business purposes to meet the clients then, the cellphones GPS tracker will help you to locate the exact position of your employee anywhere in the world. It will help you to check whether the employee reaches the destination in time or how long he took to reach the destination. The phone spy apps will help you to track all these information. TheTruthSpy app is a smartphone spy app which you can install in your employee’s smartphone.

TheTruthSpy will collect all the information and store it on its server for your convenience to check anytime. Whenever you need to check, you can go online and track the records. One of the best features of TheTruthSpy is that you do not need the smartphones in your hand to inspect. Just go online from your web browser, login to your TheTruthSpy account with username and password. You will be able to monitor each and every activity with GPS locations of your employee.


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