Around three-fourth worlds are now on the internet and without social media become a great platform to do business and have lots of friends. But there are many side effects of using social media, and it gives rise to Cyber Bullying. So, today we talk about this problem and discuss everything about it i.e. from its meaning to its solutions.

What is Cyber Bullying?

This refers to bullying, molesting, blackmailing, teasing, abusing any person through messages, videos, e-mails, etc. on the internet. In other words, it can be described as harassing any person on the web through the virtual world. So, if you face such type of problems, then you should report such activities to cyber crime within twenty-four hours. Cyber crime is meant for controlling such harassment and punishing the criminal for such unethical acts.

Tips to Stop Cyber Bullying

Understand one thing that anyone can be the victim of this thing. People of any age or gender can face such problems. So, here are some of the tips as for how to protect you from such bullying?

  • While using social media, do not disclose your personal information on your account to everyone. Besides this, for your friends too never mentioned your phone number or personal details.
  • Do not add unknown people in your friends’ list. This can be turned into a massive disaster as they can be able to see your posts and photos and misuse them.
  • Also, when strangers send you friend request continuously or message in your inbox, you can block them. Also, blocking is not enough, report about them in cyber crime cell.
  • Do not hesitate to take actions if things start turning bad. All of your information and complaints will remain private. Also, if you don’t want to disclose your information, then no one is going to ask you about that.

Hints that someone is harassing you

Every crime starts with a small thing which most of us mainly ignored. If you stop it on time then, it will not turn into a big problem:

  • Comments from a single stranger mean that they want to friendship with you.
  • If some unknown person asks you about your photos, then it is also an alarm for you.
  • If someone is poking you then it indicates the red sign.
  • Even a person known to you send or talk dirty then it means that they are not real people.
  • Using your photo in their photos or any post.

In other words, any activity which is not liked by you or which is unethical indicates about that person personality and thinking. So, it is better to stay away from them and block them.


Besides this, if you need some help them there are many websites on the internet which help such people. Contact helpline numbers and discuss your problem with them. Also, take help from your parents as they love you and if you make some mistake then they will forgive you. Mistakes are part of life but do not let them make your life hell. Take actions at the right time and save your image and life.


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