Nowadays teenagers are always busy on their phone. They are always chatting with their friends. They are experts in using different types of apps. Most of them are the social media apps. It is now a strange thing for the parents when they discover that their kids are using so many different apps only to establish communication. Now it is a fact that each app is different from others. So your children or the teenagers are using different social media apps to perform different activities. Even different apps help to keep the privacy intact. Whenever you text messages or send photos or videos, you must want to protect your privacy. Now the demerit of the use of these texting apps is they are most of the times used by the cyber bullies. Through these apps, any person can be harassed. Several times cyber bullies use these apps to attack personally to other persons. Now the easy way to solve this problem is to use genuine spy app, like The Truth Spy.

There are some common apps that are used by the teenagers for cyberbullying.

The apps are:

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is one of the most common texting apps. The key feature of this app is this app can connect users with the phone numbers. Through this app users can share text messages, photos, videos, even the voice calls. In a word, this app is categorized as the texting app or the chat app. Teenagers prefer this app because through wi-fi or hotspot they can easily chat with other persons. Once the number is verified, you can use these apps to chat even after the phone is deactivated. Now this feature is truly dangerous because it helps cyber bullies to attack other persons. Though one important fact is the victim can identify the person who is behind this activity.
  • Kik: another much-known app is Kik. This app is also a chat app. Through this app, you can share your views with other persons. The key feature of this app is it helps a person to share messages, photos. This app is also a very suitable app for the cyber bullies. With the help of this app, cyber bullies can reach the contact number of the targeted person very easily. In a word, this app can also provide opportunities to the cyber bullies to victimize innocent people.
  • Facebook: there are very small amount of persons, who is not familiar with the Facebook. Currently, almost all the teenagers have installed this app on their phone. The key feature of the Facebook is the content that you share through your Facebook account can be seen through other persons. Even Facebook helps to create new friends by introducing new persons to you through your Facebook account. Now the biggest problem is teenagers sometimes don’t know what information they should not share. Their innocence can sometimes break their privacy, and this ultimately creates an open platform for the cyber bullies to create a personal attack to the teenagers. Through this app cyberbullies publicly insult other people.

Now, as already mentioned, that true spy app, like TheTruthSpy, can solve this problem. If you install TheTruthSpy app on your phone, then you can track the activity of other persons. Similarly, as a parent, you can monitor your teenage son or daughter’s activity while using the common apps.


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