Cheating on your partner has become more a trend today. It is very easy with technology to branch out in social circles and have multiple relationships at the same time whilst being physically present with your partner. The definition of cheating doesn’t strictly involve engaging in physical intimacy with another person anymore. Cyber intimacy has become very common as an outlet to most individuals in a relationship who want to engage in infidelity. That is mainly because the partner they are cheating on will find it very difficult to figure out who they are cheating with. In this way they can easily get off on cheating by having online relationships. Online relationships or online dating is a new and upcoming phenomena where the person in question does not actually go out and meet his or her partner but engages in everything from conversation to physical intimacy online with the help of messaging services, webcam services and a lot of help online on how to go about these kinds of relationships in complete secrecy. Even if you completely disregard the entirety of an online relationship, it is not very easy to figure out if your partner is having a relationship outside of your own, mainly because the person might be outside most of the time for work and other such things.

Therefore, what you need in your hand a way to track and find out if the person you are in a relationship with is loyal to you. And the best way to do this is TheTruthSpy. TheTruthSpy is a state of the art mobile application that will help you keep track of your partner’s every movement, especially through the most popular of all social networking applications such as whatsapp, facebook and the like. You can have Viber, BBM, Whatsapp spy messages where you will get complete details of all the different types of calls and messages that your partner has made throughout the time that he or she has been away from you. You can easily be at ease while you know there is a way you can easily track all the movements with the ease of our application. In addition to the whole point of getting the power over social networking sites, you can also keep track of the normal messages, short messaging services, or calls over our app.

Not only will you get the exact details of when and how the messages were sent, you will get an exact time and date stamp, and a regularly updated list every single time you check. In this way you will always be up to date with the activities of your partner. With call spy you can also listen in to the phone conversations of your partners and can just as easily make sure they are not trying to cheat you or make plans with anyone over the phone. One of the best ways of being rest assured that your partner is not carrying out any infidel activities behind our backs.


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