Need to monitor your smartphone from home. It’s just too easy to do. You have to install phone spy apps in those smartphones you want to monitor, and it will automatically track all the records. TheTruthSpy apps are one of the popular phone spy apps widely preferred by smartphone users to track their iPhones and Android devices.

Why is monitoring your gadgets needed?

Monitoring your gadgets is done for personal purposes or business needs. Sometimes, you need to watch your employee whether he/she is working in a proper channel or wasting the time by engaging in personal talks. It might hamper your business tactics. So, by installing the phone spy apps, you will be able to know about the effectiveness of any of your employee and co-workers. You can also use these apps to track the records of business deals. All the vital information shared will be helpful to you in future meetings. You can also monitor the customer feedback processes via phone calls or messages or emails.

You can install these apps for personal uses. Like, you can track for your stolen smartphone from anywhere. The phone spy app tracks the location of your smartphone, and you can reach to the culprit easily and quickly by using the GPS locations. Further, smartphones are the today’s one of the valuable product which is available in everyone’s pocket. It stores your personal data and vital information like contacts. You can back up the data easily from your home. That means you can extract your personal phone data after the smartphone gets stolen.

These apps have some other excellent features. It records the call details, text messages, social media activities and browsing details. It will help you to monitor your employee’s and children’s activities too. You have to install the phone spy app in the cellphones. You can guide your children to use the latest technology in a smarter way without misguiding from the purpose of its use.

The smartphones are also a way of entertainment so to protect it from misuse you can check the browsing details and call details. You will get to know about the facts that for what purposes the smartphone is used by your employee, children and other family members at home. You can able to track details of social networking pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

How to use TheTruthSpy, a phone spy app from home?

If TheTruthSpy phone spy app installs in that smartphone you want to monitor, then you will be able to track records from your computer or laptop at home or in office. You have to go to the online login page of your TheTruthSpy account with your unique username and password. It will show you the options for call details, browsing details, GPS locations. So just click on them to get details. You can also create a backup of the track records for your future use. All you get is a user-friendly app which will serve you even when your smartphone is turned off. TheTruthSpy app are one of the favorite phone spy apps.


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