Business Usage Of Monitoring Applications

In the present competitive business world, businesses are often open to the risk of corporate theft. Right from corporate surveillance to unhappy employees sharing trade secrets related to the employer to competitors, there is a long list of threats faced by businesses. Some years ago, it was difficult for employers to keep a check on these risks, but nowadays, with the availability of a reliable monitoring application like TheTruthSpy, businesses are relieved of these risks to a certain extent. How can businesses use this application? Let us find out:

Business mobile for business purpose alone:

Nowadays, most employers present their employees with smartphone, such that they can get in touch with the employees whenever need arises and also employees can talk to the business clients on important matters. With TruthSpy on the mobile phone supplied to the employees, the employers can make sure that the workforce follows the company phone usage policy in the right manner. They can keep a watch to make sure that the employees make use of the mobile phone for business purpose alone. Generally, for these phones supplied by the employers to their employees, the former takes care of the huge phone bills. So, to avoid unnecessary expenses to the company, it will be possible for the employer to make sure that the money is not wasted towards the personal calls of employees as against business calls.

Track calls:

In addition, when a new employee is recruited and provided with the right training, the employer can get to know whether that particular individual is handling the clients on phone in the right manner. He can check whether the individual responds in a polite manner not just to the calls from clients, but also to the messages and other communications made through the company phone. By listening to the conversations, the employer can judge whether the client is actually satisfied with the statements given by the employee. In case he finds that the client is not handled properly, the employer can direct some other staff to talk to the client and also can track the calls.

Social media activities:

Similar to that of phone calls, with such a monitoring application on the phone, employer can be rest assured whether the employees just make business related conversations on social media and not making any personal chatting.

Track the whereabouts:

On the basis of the nature of the business, during some instances, it might be required that employees should be sent outside the organization for taking care of the fieldwork. In these instances, with the GPS tracking facility offered by TheTruthSpy, the employer can know whether the employee has just visited the entrusted place and has not used the company’s time for completing some personal works. In addition to getting the real-time update on the whereabouts of the employee, it will be possible to see details about the location history with GPS tracking, which will also be of great help for tracking purpose.


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