TheTruthSpy, best spy call recorder for Android phones,  are latest in the high tech and advanced phone monitoring. Different versions are available for different platforms while the most common used are those which work on the Android OS.

TheTruthSpy, best spy call recorder for Android phones
TheTruthSpy, best spy call recorder for Android phones

How it works: Parents and employees can track the children and employees daily activities by easily installing the software into the target android Smartphone or tablet. Once it is installed in the desired phone the device can be monitored anytime remotely. It keeps the track record of call information, number along with the duration, how long it was made. It also incorporates other features like tracking the exact position of the target person where the call is being made. All this activity is recorded in the web based account which you can log in anytime to view the recent as well as present activities.

How to get it working: To get the benefits of this technology all you need is to do the search for the most compatible and good spy call recording software which can fulfill your desired needs in tracking the phone calls most accurately without slowing down the target phone and making the hint for the user to reach the spy recorder working in the background memory. The very basic step is to get it download into the desired phone either by the Google app store or visiting the site of the respective spy software which will send you the link to follow in the email. Once it is downloaded, you would need to run the installer to make it work for you. After installation it will remain active recording and updating the status in your personal user account which you can view at any time of your ease.

Many spy software offers the free trial time after which certain amount has to be paid to keep your account active after the end of the trial period and it also unlocks other features like switching on the microphone on the target phone remotely to track the conversation or by creating a video by switching on spy camera mode

Note: You can adjust the settings to highlight the particular number or length of the call on the certain number from the phone or that can also be done by logging in from the web based user account.

Some good spy applications also offer to track the conversation, not only by the cdma or GSM technology but they are able to do the same even with the other social platforms like viber, Skype, BBM, Facebook, line messenger, KIK messenger or others which offer the voice or video calls, that can help you in maintaining the complete record of every sort of communication done by that phone. Further, you can block certain numbers or calls remotely by using the controlling options in your user account at any time you require.

Ambient listening: It is a feature offered by some good spy software for android to help you hear the live conversation in any room where the target phone is present and the same can also be recorded for future references.

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