How to hack a cell phone text messages
How to hack a cell phone text messages

Way to hack a cell phone text messages (100% working on iPhone and Android)

Privacy is one of the most essential things that are there in one’s life that misused by some people, particularly those are married and in a relationship. Excessive distances in a relationship are making people cheat to their partner and have extramarital affairs and it thus breaks relationships. A method that cheaters are using is text message because they think to be obsolete and would not be ever caught. If you are having doubt on spouse and would like to hack then on their phone you can make use of the best spy tool.

Way to hack a cell phone text messages (100% working on iPhone and Android)
Way to hack a cell phone text messages (100% working on iPhone and Android)

TheTruthSpy – Best Tex Hacker App

TheTruthSpy is one of the reliable and trustworthy spy tools that are developed to cater to all the spying needs of the hacker. This will provide a user with all information and insight and will help in hacking text messages of any cell phone. So, how to hack the device? Here are few steps that we are listing down that will help you in successfully hacking the cell phone and read all the text messages.

  • Make a visit to its original site ( and download the application in own cell phone. It is essential to use the official site as other sites might provide you with wrong details and viruses.
  • Register in the application by creating a user account. Keeping all the details in mind as it will be needed for signing into the victim device.
  • Install the app in a victim device and log in using the account details. The process is a lot easier and takes 5 minutes only. Because of ease of processing, you need not to have to fear of getting caught.
  • After it grants permission to the tools and then hide the icon to work in stealth mode. It will ensure mission secrecy and suspect will not be able to know.
  • Now you as a hacker are set all to hack into text messages on OS like iphone and Android.

TheTruthSpy app will provide hacker all insight into the text messages that are sent and received on the victim device. Complete details will be available to a user and can read and save it. Even it is possible to read the deleted messages of the victim.

Features of the app

  • Tracks text messagesThis tracking tool allows one in reading out all the text messages along with multimedia files shared and received by the victim device. They are easily made viewable regardless of deleted.
  • Tracking GPS Location This tool can be set up for tracking the GPS location of the victim device. This will tell the user where the victim is supposed to be and where he/she is right now.
  • Tracking calls The app allows the hacker to track all the made/received calls of the victim device with timestamp and duration. The recording of calls in the MP3 file is possible.


One thing that The TruthSpy app wants to convey is hacking must be done for protection not for misuses or for an illegal purpose. The app is fully anonymous and is trusted by very large numbers of people.

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    Few question and my setup of the device was complete. Total anonymous and i can safe it was safer to use with PC. Turn on VPN to easily access her phone.
    I was amazed when I got to see all of my partner’s text messages, calls,
and chats directly from my phone. For a long while now, I’ve been 
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