There are several apps available online, and you can download them very easily. Now you need to identify which one is good, especially when your teenage son and daughter are using the phone. Among so many apps, there is one common app that is the dating app. It is a new trend that young and adult people are using dating apps randomly. Now one key fact regarding it is that nowadays even the teenagers are using this to fulfill their curiosity regarding the app. Even the teenagers don’t know that this can be very harmful to them. One such dating app is Blendr. Now you can control the use of this dating app by using a god spy app, like The Truth Spy app.

Now it is necessary to know about the Blender app to uncover the dangerous side of the app.


  • There are several dating apps available online. And you can easily download them. Some of them are truly very exciting. And some of them are dangerous. Now Blendr is one of the most popular dating apps among the teenagers. This app is actually used for the online dating scene. Most of the dating apps try to find out the location of the user first, and then try to find out the partner according to the geographical location. Also, they search properly so that all the required criteria can be matched properly. Now when it is about Blender, then there must be something new. Through Blendr, you can share your picture, and if the person on the other end likes you, then the app easily makes a confirmation, and you can see an interaction with that person. If you see that there are something similar between you and the other person, then you can forward the interaction to another step. Even you can finally meet the person to have a real date, and this can lead to a new high the relationship of yours.
  • Now the biggest problem regarding this app is it is mainly for the adult persons. Even adult and simultaneously matured individuals are preferable. But it is seen that several times, teens have downloaded this app and used it for mental satisfaction and innocent mental pleasure. When you try to download this app, then the app wants the age verification. It is obvious that when it is a dating site, then the age limit must be for the adult persons. But many teenagers use the app, hiding the original age. Now innocently only with curiosity, your children can set criteria for a dating partner, and this ultimately leads to a bigger problem. It can be that your innocent children can be trapped into a dangerous plot.

So it is true that this app is actually dangerous for the teen. Now the best solution for this problem is to monitor your children. And it can only be possible through a spy app, like The Truth Spy. You just need to download The Truth Spy on your mobile, and can easily see the online activities of your own children. In a word, this spy app helps you to protect your children by entering into the phone of the children.


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