The Android phones have undoubtedly captured the market like anything. They have something for everyone. Whether you have 10 Thousand or 50 Thousand, you can buy out a decent mobile phone for yourself. The Android has been one of the best technologies to create an audience that was not meant to find their requirements for the same. With the internet getting cheaper, the people started using the same for their handset in a quicker way. The Samsung have been a big leader in the same in providing the best of the facilities to their clients. They have the handsets of various ranges, so that people can enjoy the Android at every stage.

Best Android phones (April 2017): our picks, plus a giveaway
Best Android phones (April 2017): our picks, plus a giveaway

Whether the screen is sleek or premium glass, let’s talk about the some of the best android phones what they need to offer in 2017:

  • Samsung S8 and S8 Plus: The Samsung after the successful launch of Samsung S7, was looking forward to something that can take care of the loopholes of the model. The overheating issues have taken the handset to a recall mode. And the people started looking for another best handset that can able to take care of the premium range and can overpass the loopholes of the Samsung S7 as well. 2017, will see Samsung S8 in stores with the unique features intact in them, the phone is coming with a curved screen in both the handsets, and they have even removed the home button from their screen finally, which will definitely give a new look to the phones.

There will be no doubt left if the Samsung S8 are coming with the rare features attached like new Samsung DeX dock, the device can act as a desktop for the users, the phone is said to have a 360-gear camera, which can record the video up to 4k and can stream the video from YouTube directly. These features, if could function properly, will make the phone as one of the must-haves for the people going forward.

  • LG G6: The year 2016, has seen the launch of LG G5, and have been quite known for the same as well. If you compare the mobile with others of the same range, then the mobile definitely lack lots of other things that need to be taken care of when you are launching a mobile of the premium range. The LG G6, have been improved with lots of features from the former mobile as it is being launched in 5.7-inch Quad HD LCD display and said to have rounded corners and aspect ratio of 18:9. The LG G6, undoubtedly will be launched as one of the revolutions in the LG phones which have been coming through as one of the major changes, but the phone will not be launched as similar to all parts of the world like in the US, it will be charged with a cordless charger but in others it will be different.
  • Google Pixel: One of the awaited phone launched by the Google, after the closure of Nexus series. The device is said to have AMOLED display, long-lasting battery, 4 GB Ram and plenty of storage for everything. The phone has catered to the elite people only as they as very much expensive to afford with the accessories and you need to have the experience of using the mobiles of the similar aura to support them in different stages.

The Android phones have been one of the Newsmakers lately, but it depends upon the individuals only that which mobile they would like to go for. As these mobiles are not difficult to afford but they do have the issues that relate to their models, so once you identify the issues related to them do speak to the authorized dealers, but before making a purchase it is advisable that you should look forward to the detailed specifications which one suits you well. The Android phones differ in the kind of user experience and the people who love to play through the amazing graphics and the latest innovations. As they offer you the world to tackle through and you can update the software’s according to your own convenience, they keep on launching them. The best feature of Android is that they offer lots of applications free of cost and you do not need to bother about the amount that you need to pay as most of the trial especially are free of cost for everyone.


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