I/ What is Auto Answer (Spy Call)
This wonderful feature help you turn your phone into a perfect bugging device.
How it works?

When you call from your monitor phone to the target device your call will be auto-answered and you will be able to listen the device surroundings. Please note that this feature will work if the device is locked, if the device is in use (unlocked) your call will be rejected

To turn a phone into a bugging device, first you need to turn on Auto Answer feature and set a monitor number. Monitor number is the phone number you will use to make a spy call to target iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – the phone which installed the application) and the target phone will automatic receive the call from this monitor number without the phone user awareness and you can hear all the sound and know everything happens surrounding the target phone. Only monitor number can make a spy call to target phone. There will be no record of this call in Call History of the target phone so there is no trace left.

Auto Answer
Auto Answer

II/ What is Ambient Voice Recording

Listen and record the device’s surroundings from your computer at any time. Just click on the button Start on your control panel (my.thetruthspy.com) and you will be able to listen what is happening around your device immediately. All the audio will be stored in a MP4 file to allow you download them lately.
Ambient voice recording
Ambient voice recording
1. So far you can hear during 20 minutes maximum. If you want to continue to must click button Start again.
2. This feature needs target device has internet connection. So if it does not work please check internet connection on target devices.
3. This feature is different from feature auto-answer (you make a call to target device) and phone call recording (all calls will be recorded directly on target device and send recorded file to your control panel to let use hear later). This feature lets you both hear lively and hear later with audio files.
4. If it is recording and there is a incoming call then it will stop immediately. The same with case user want to make a call.
5. In previous version sometimes you should send a SMS command <*#1005> to force target device turn on internet connection and force starting to record. – See more at: https://thetruthspy.com/blog-free-spyware-cell-phone/ambient-recording-software-thetruthspy/#sthash.ytFLaiiL.dpuf
III/ Different between Auto Answer and Ambient Voice Recording
The disadvantages are all the calls (spy calls) will be shown in the billing and you must pay costs to make calls. You can try to use function “Ambient Record“. It is new function since year 2013. It records all sound surrounding and you can listen lively (delay 3 to 4 seconds only) and especial after a live listening, you can have a audio file (to use as as prove for example).


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